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  1. Uhm in what folder i need to put the file?
  2. Hey guys im going to show u a nice server the spawn point is in LV and u can do cool missions to earn money and level Here is some information : HostName: [NL/ENG] ModernLife - Roleplay Address: Players: 8 / 50 Ping: 16 Mode: ModernLife-RPG 0.3a Map: Las Venturas U must try it out !!
  3. Im sry im not good in those things
  4. But where i need to unzip the file ? I mean in what map.
  5. Sry i dont understand u
  6. ~BigMac~

    I need help

    Someone can help me whit how i make a gate whit a cmd? I really need it so help pls
  7. well all time if i save my map and look it stays in a map but doesnt it need to be a winrar file or something?
  8. Hello guys i got a little problem whit MTA map editor 1.0 I succesfully started it and made a map and saved but if i seek the map i dont get it in a winrar but just as a normal map?! PLEASE HELP Gr, BigMac
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