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  1. ===English=== Translated into Chinese resources Most of these resources are in English. I use personal time to translate it into Chinese. Convenient Chinese players use. MTASA version 1.4 release Chinese version in the future. I'm looking forward to provide can help for you. ===中文=== 这些资源大部分都是英文. 我用个人时间把它翻译成了中文.方便中国玩家使用. 未来 MTASA 1.4版本会发布中文版. 我期待能为大家提供力所能及的帮助. resources/资源: scoreboard http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=7481 freeroam http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=7480 admin http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... ls&id=7536 [ed
  2. Good,Nice! But Chinese characters are not displayed correctly in the game. image: http://imgsrc.baidu.com/forum/cp%3Dtieb ... 2ab0f9.jpg Previous versions appear normal. This version is displayed incomplete.
  3. 我觉得这里会成为中国MTASA服主的交流阵地 .毕竟普通玩家在这里交流有些山高路远. PS:为何1.3.3中文显示成脑残文字?
  4. 我是一名中国玩家,我的英语很差。但是希望你们能帮助我 MTA的问题 运行MTA程序 只发出一声“错误”的声音,然后程序并没有运行工作。 这是什么问题? I am a Chinese player, my English is poor. But I hope you can help me MTA problems Run MTA program is only uttered the "wrong" sound, then the program does not run the job. What is the problem?
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