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  1. MocroGunz

    [MTA]weird BUg

    i realy wanne play mta on my new laptop please help me
  2. MocroGunz

    [MTA]weird BUg

    Does some1 know how to fix this
  3. MocroGunz

    [MTA]weird BUg

    No only when i start Mta When i start gta san andreas normaly its normal with no graphic card bug or anything Normal GamePlay (single player) : http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/5527/normalld.png Mta Menu works fine : http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/2926/normalf.png
  4. MocroGunz

    [MTA]weird BUg

    No only when i start Mta When i start gta san andreas normaly its normal with no graphic card bug or anything
  5. MocroGunz

    [MTA]weird BUg

    I Just downloaded from website0_O thats a random server >.>
  6. MocroGunz

    [MTA]weird BUg

    i can normaly start Gta San andreas but when i start mta i get at loading screen white so no gta san andreas picture and when i go in a server i get this : http://img30.imageshack.us/img30/1017/weirdvs.png http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/2973/weirdn.png http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/4229/weird2.png and on normal gta san andreas it works fine only when i play Mta i get weird video screen thing
  7. i wanne add Guest and i didnt work Code: x,y = guiGetScreenSize() LoginWin = guiCreateWindow(x/2 - 150,y/2 - 110,300,220,"Mocro San Andreas",false) TabPanel = guiCreateTabPanel(17,30,261,152,false,LoginWin) TabLogin = guiCreateTab("Login",TabPanel) LblUsername = guiCreateLabel(11,27,70,16,"Username",false,TabLogin) LoginUsername = guiCreateEdit(76,26,171,21,"",false,TabLogin) LblPassword = guiCreateLabel(11,60,70,16,"Password",false,TabLogin) LoginPassword = guiCreateEdit(76,58,171,21,"",false,TabLogin) guiEditSetMasked(LoginPassword,true) TabRegister = guiCreateTab("Register",Tab
  8. This works but what can i do so it dont cause strain on the server
  9. i get bad argument error : function healcar(vehicle) local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(vehicle) outputChatBox('car fixed.', source) fixVehicle ( vehicle ) end setTimer( healcar, 500, 0 ) -- timer changes all vehicles fix to random every 0.5 sec.
  10. How i change that when you die and start the position i cant find it
  11. MocroGunz

    commands race

    Thank you sorry for the noob quistion just im new at making servers Edit: how i make the command like New round = /new
  12. MocroGunz

    commands race

    i have a race server but how i delete this : /votemode /votemap
  13. can you add the whole zip file not only the .map files...
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