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  1. Using Paradise Roleplay script, I removed the SHA1 and SALT from it but now the login won't work and it keeps printing out Incorrect Username or Password. addEvent( getResourceName( resource ) .. ":login", true ) addEventHandler( getResourceName( resource ) .. ":login", root, function( username, password ) if source == client then triedTokenAuth[ source ] = true if username and password and #username > 0 and #password > 0 then local info = exports.sql:query_assoc_single( "SELECT username, password AS token FROM wcf1_user WHERE `
  2. My server is hosted by this man right here. It's great connection and speed and it isn't bullshit or joking around. Great quality, free hosting, and just another reason for someone to agree to this. I really appreciate the hosting bamby!
  3. I think this would be great. ++ on it man.
  4. I tried altering the passwords but it's just like "omg wtf bbq you cant do this, banning user" Off Topic: I dont know why I was looking at your signature, your right your pust is up there
  5. Sorry for the bump, but I've been trying to do this same thing and I still have no luck.
  6. Did I by a chance make you want to work on this again?
  7. Also, you don't need those "and"s, eg you have function TruckerPoint ( thePlayer ) if getElementType ( thePlayer ) == "player" then givePlayerMoney ( thePlayer, 750 ) and outputChatbox ( "Danke für die Lieferung! Dein Lohn: 750$") and setElementposition ( thePlayer 197, 1880, 11 ) end[/lua and it should be [lua]function TruckerPoint ( thePlayer ) if getElementType ( thePlayer ) == "player" then givePlayerMoney ( thePlayer, 750 ) outputChatbox ( "Danke für die Lieferung! Dein Lohn: 750$") setElementposition ( the
  8. Oh, it would be cool if when it works, that you could access the community.mtasa.com and view your stats and what not, and have like a tab "Resources" and be able to download resources IG from the community.
  9. Ok, any date range they might be functional? And what exactly is it used for?
  10. DannyRose, you wouldn't happened to be affiliated with IV-MP at all?
  11. Whenever I login to the community on MTA:SA it says "Services currently unavailable." I noticed a post about it being "broken" at the time being and been for quite some time, I was wondering, is it stille "broken"?
  12. Just tried it with runcode, worked fine on Windows 7 x86. I got this "100000000" and "100000001"
  13. Could be the fact that your defining a and b twice, try using something like a = 1 b = 99999999 outputChatBox ( a + b ) -->100000000 outputChatBox ( 1 + 99999999 ) -->100000000 --------------------------------------------------------------- c = 2 outputChatBox ( c + b ) -->100000000 --wth? outputChatBox ( 2 + 99999999 ) -->100000001
  14. Alright, i'll make a bug report, I posted it here though because I saw a post of this somewhere and I found it weird that I was the only person getting the bug. EDIT: When I started my game again today it wasn't doing this anymore, I will still make a bug report about this though.
  15. Whenever I type in the chatbox if I try to say "hi" it puts "hhii" but in the console is just fine, I noticed a post about this before, it worked fine in MTA 1.0.4 but when I upgraded to 1.1 it does this now and for my friend it's not doing this.
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