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  1. Already tried, its extremly lagging and to activate the record i need to stay into the car.
  2. The bot in the race is following the markers, but it is not intended to create markers all over the server
  3. davedavy


    Is it possible to change some lines from vehicles.ide like handling also can?
  4. I dont think you understand me, i dont mean screen-record but NPC-record like SA:MP.
  5. 2006, I dont think the MTA team is stilling looking at it...
  6. Will there ever come a .rec option in MTA like SAMP?
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    Interior 9 needs to be the target
  8. davedavy


    I created a script so people can join a interior when then join the marker, but the maker wont appear. Code: marker = createMarker (2392.6950683594, 2043.826171875, 10.8203125, 'cylinder', 1.0, 255, 255, 255, 255) setElementInterior(marker, 9) What's wrong?
  9. Does anybody know a good hosting solution? Serverffs was my host 1 month ago, but i search a new one. Wich one is the best , and is hosted in the Netherlands?
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    I want to create a automatic bus system in MTA ( like records in SA-MP ), what is the best way to do this?
  11. Is there a tutorial for automatic cars? Ow and is record aslo not possible with AMX?
  12. Hi , im using the Hous_system resource, but i need a script if anyone buy a car, the car spawn by the home of the owner. Is this possible in mta?
  13. Can you to create a code for a vehicle ( so not a walking ped ) createPed setElementID createMarker setPedAnimation(pedwalk, "ped", "WALK_civi", -1, 1, 1, 0) -- Anim Walk onMarkerHit setElementRotation or setPedRotation
  14. Jep im trying to make a bus system
  15. So the ped drives into markers? ( If i understand it right )
  16. Woow thanks, is there any tutorial how to create carbots or edf files? Or is there any edf file downloadable? Sorry for bad english
  17. I want a server side script. But if i need to script all coordinates, that takes hours? Right?
  18. One last question: If a ped ride to some coordinates, does automatically follow the way? And what script should I use? ( I mean; like setElementVelocity ) Greetz
  19. Already used, lagg...
  20. Ok , so its not possible?
  21. Is there a way to use samp npc records in mta? Because i need to make a automatic driving bus. Sorry for bad english.
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    Hi , Sorry for my bad english , but , i have a problem, when i start AMX , he start a gamemode, ( Advanced Map Xtreme ) but when i start a sa:mp script, it doesnt work... I used the windows version of the "amxdeploy" , and uploaded EVERYTHING to my server ( linux ). When i need to choose the mta server map , i will get a error. Pleas help me Thanks! And again , sorry for my bad english.