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  1. Hello i am trying to spawn an object when a player enters a marker and make it disappear after some seconds. I need to know how to make the object disappear after a few seconds. smoke = createObject ( 2780, -2080.5, 1387.4000244141, 5.1999998092651, 0, 0, 0 ) setTimer ( smoke, 2500, 1, source, true, 2.5) This doesn't seem to work.
  2. So i am trying to make a script that if a driver stops in a cp for 5 seconds it spawns a checkpoint behind the vehicle the player can only enter on foot. And after waiting in the second cp for 5 seconds too it spawns another cp the player needs to enter. Help would be grateful as i am just learning how to make these things and this would help me a lot.
  3. Can someone show the line that was like you put in your map file?
  4. How can i create moving objects in my DD map like a lift? Can someone give me a example please?
  5. Didn't this meta.xml work? And what you think about it? I think making a v1.1 but i need some ideas what to put in map P.S Those weren't objects but textures
  6. This is my 3rd map but my first map uploaded ever so please comment! I am very new to creating maps and scripting in MTA so please say what you think about my map. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?emd2mm25ym2 Screens later.
  7. Ok i figured out what to do but i can't find the texture for vgEhshade01_lvs id 8838 i looked in gta3.img but it wasn't there
  8. ā nu tad sveiks es arī Tev skype ir?
  9. I use race to make maps oh and another question is it able to make a gate only work for a specific wehicle like Infernus? And btw karlis Latvian?
  10. But in MTA:RACE there's only the map file
  11. But where can i find a lua creator and what i need to do when i make the lua file?
  12. But what i need to type and where i need to type the important thing is where i need to do it!Do i need to open the .map file with pawno and add scripts there?
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