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  1. Hi well, i know how change cars models, map's elements models but i dont know change skin models. I can change their .TXD but i dont know change the .DFF Somebody knows how do it? Thanks.
  2. Hi friends I want know if there is some script for save and load the last team where the player has been. If there is a script, please tell me where i must write it thanks
  3. i have found this (It has been created by Borov, an user of this forum): But i dont know how use it. --global variables g_root = getRootElement() cameraFixed = false --custom functions function toggleCameraFixedModeEx(mode) if (mode == false) then toggleCameraFixedMode(false) cameraFixed = false else toggleCameraFixedMode(true) --setCameraLookAt(2000, 2000, 0) cameraFixed = true end end function getCameraModeEx() return cameraFixed end ---places player camera in front of player every frame isFPS = false function turnCamera(cursorX, cur
  4. thaaaankss!! i have done it! it is ok
  5. thanks!!! somebody knows where can i get the First Person resource┬┐? thanks
  6. HELLO i want know where can i get the resources that you can see in this videos:
  7. Hi!! good work! i downloaded it, but now i have tried to make it private: I have deleted the shops and their blips (No problem) I have tried to put a addcommandhanler in function spawnboard (but it dont run!!!) can you public other skysurf version without shops?? with a command ok? If you want thanks and good work
  8. i can fly, but the problem is that normal players can also fly. I want that only admins supermen
  9. HITMANzz

    Server Hosts

    yeah... it will be good
  10. my zombies dont kill... only walk why???
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