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  1. It's really weird the freezing happed to me all the time, but now they just happen once in a while I can play normally again yay
  2. Im getting the idea that this has to do something with the freeze. Im no coder but whenever the blunt or bottle appears it doesnt take long to freeze up. Im not tottaly sure but im gonna play a few more times to see if it really doesnt freeze without the bottle/blunt.
  3. Fresh install didnt do it any good . Does your cj have a blunt or a bottle in his hand in 1.1? is this a bug or intentionally?
  4. Here are some people including me with the same problem http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=16111
  5. I thought it helped but then it froze up on me again
  6. Here are some pictures of cj just before it freezes. http://www.piraatwear.com/rum/GTA/crash/blunted2.jpg http://www.piraatwear.com/rum/GTA/crash/bottle.jpg http://www.piraatwear.com/rum/GTA/crash/drinkin.jpg
  7. I would like to report it but the problem is it freezes up completly I have to restart to get out even ctrl alt del doesnt work. Ill try it a couple of times more.
  8. My Mta also crashes allot. I think it has something to do with cj smoking or drinking, everytime just before a crash cj has a blunt or a bottle in his hand. weird huh. Ill make sure Ill use the crash reporter. But that just crashed also >
  9. Sorry, found it. I did search before i posted though, but apparently not good enough.
  10. !PIRAAT!

    MTA:LCS on psp?

    http://maxbot.com/ CheatDevice v0.9 for Liberty City Stories with Construction Mode.
  11. Would it be possible to make map making online? So 2 or more people could work on the same map together?
  12. Yay my map is now playable at littlewhitey's server (1). Ive now had a chance to play it with 32 people and it totally ruled it was a big succes. played it 4 times in a row .
  13. Hi, Playing mta sa really rules thats why I decided to have a go at making a map. My map is called hunted: This race starts with a hydra vs pcj race evolves in a stunt plane bridge fest and leads to a wild police vs stallion chase. And to top it al off a nice surprise at the end. You can find it here: http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=969 Its my first but it really rules so all you 32 player servers out there please put it on your server thnx.
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