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  1. well i believe that all experienced scripters are either working on their own projects, are horrible and wont help u, or want a cash fee but all bad scripters who cant do advanced ones like me are out there looking for experience obviously i cant help u i don't understand the GUI scripting method but nether give up.
  2. if any one needs some nooby scripts and has no understandin of scripting then im ur man i can help u for free
  3. i cant get it to work i have no idea how plz tell me i noooooooooob
  4. tbh igive up i have now started using serverffs : yh u hav to pay but who cares
  5. i am a low leval scripter i cant really help u wit ur race map but i can try by maybe adding some stuff that could be useful either way if u want me im free and u can contact me on skype (janger2000) or msn (jared.hirst@yahoo.co.uk)
  6. i am a unexpierienced scripter but i can make a few things such as gates(command handled), teleports(command or marker) and custom cars like ones with sams on them i am free now and i am doing this for you could say work experience contact me on skype (janger2000) or msn (jared.hirst@yahoo.co.uk)
  7. i am a bad scripter apart from my skills in tele scipts i can make ones with markers aswell so if u need a hand im always happy to help if u need me contact me thro skype (janger2000) or msn jared.hirst@yahoo.co.uk
  8. wow i need someone to teach me some scripting techniques u think andrew could teach me what he knows so i can teach others then maybe we could put a end to all these needing a scripter things
  9. ok thanks but now i have just rebuilt my pc and for some reason my master server list cant be parsed or wt ever and when i run my server it said failed to connect to tht server place and internal error someone plz help me???????
  10. hi i have created a server but for some reason it wont come up on the online list what should i do i use a sky netgear router but it doesnt say the model number so i cant port forward can some one help me if they do they can be a admin on my server
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