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  1. I have encountered this as well, but i do not beleive it is an MTA problem. San Andreas singleplayer locks up in the same way. Usually after (sometimes long) wait the video driver for my geforce catches the error, and it restarts the driver stack. this brings my game back into action. on MTA, this causes some weird desyncs though. I think it could just be the video card overheating.
  2. i might want to point out that its a BIG section of thier banner MTA is currently taking actually, it looks kinda cool. i'd imagine it should draw quite a bit of attention from passerby's (its BIG man. BIG)
  3. yeah. get your metadata section fixed, or just remove the "" line
  4. One day i will get this... damn the frame limiter for killing my response time!!
  5. Vandalite


    Just for the record, your mods may not *technically* be considered 3'rd party cause you did them yourself, as the second party... but if you want to get technical, MTA:SA doesn't support second OR third party mods There. now that includes things you've done yourself. The anticheat is designed to pick up ANY modification to the game. if it detects it, you will not be allowed to connect.
  6. As seen in User profile, public section: User posts: [10 posts, 0.01% of total, 0.53 posts per day] See?
  7. The the bytecount listed under our avatar isn't an accurate measurement of how much space you're taking on the forum, but more like the amount of information you've CONTRIBUTED to the forum. It is my understanding that things quoted from other people DO NOT COUNT towards your byte totals. but wow. i didn't expect it to get implemented so quickly after i thought it up... Nice job IJs. P.S. Your postcount still appears in your user profile. so stop complaining.
  8. The roadblock design is indeed good. but i have three issues with the map that makes it unsuitable for a real race: 1) its long. 90somthing checkpoints, on one of SA's slowest vehicles. 2) that part where you simulated a highway shutdown, and shunted traffic off to the other side was designed well, except for the explosive barrels. Sure, that keeps them from ramming the cones and ignoring your route, but what happens if you're in a race with someone else who rams a barrel and dies, sitting in the route? the other racers have nowhere else to go. 3) it also gets rather cramped in the tunnel,
  9. I Disagree. from what i have discerened while playing the game it DOES matter what order the spawnpoints are created (or if you want to get technical, the order of spawnpoints in the .map file) Given a map with 32 spawn points and a current list of 20 users, the game will take the first 20 spawn points and randomly distribute the players about those spawn points. This way (in the case of smugglers' run) you can have a balance of hunters to trucks, and still have random people in them, with no way of guaranteeing any one person always being in the hunter.
  10. actually, if you disable nat on your home router, you lose the ability to connect to anything on the internet at all. the only way to disable NAT and stay online is to directly connect your computer to your cable/dsl modem.
  11. That's what the per-map time limit is for. If you vote for next map, all you have to do is wait till either a) the race ends, or b) the time limit for that map expires. Another option is to allow for override (using the percent-vote-yes thing, and have it obscenely high, say %95 or %100), so if you don't want to wait for the time limit, and neither does anyone else, you can still change maps. (Yar! first post)
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