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  1. yes thats right- because often ppl loose a race vry soon, and then they vote for another map. i think 80% is good.
  2. hm? thats funny you mean instead of mta:sa dont you?
  3. you can search map here: http://center.mtasa.com/?p=search when you found the maps, you can klick on "Add search to feed" and then, the maps are in your feed. then go to rdd feed (http://center.mtasa.com/?p=search) and copy the link of your feed. at last, you open the config file in your server directory and fill in the link you just copied. FILL IN THE LINK HERE 120 mods/race/maps 50 500 then start the rssmapdownloader.exe
  4. Its easy: evrything is explaned in the config file. you´ve just to read it!
  5. right. ps: hy fritzy, im meister_philipp from gtaT
  6. oh sry, its this directory: C:\Programme\MTA San Andreas\server\mods\race and there is the config file, you have to edit, but as the other said, search other threats.
  7. Yes, but not as default
  8. Do you wanna be admin in game or in the remote server? for being admin in the game or in the console you have to edit the cofig file in your ...\MTA San Andreas\server directory.
  9. A spectator mode in the remoteserver console would be nice too.
  10. there's no weaponsync in GTAT yeah ok, but in gtaRumble
  11. or try gtaTournament lol^^ (-->gtat is verry buggy)
  12. mp17

    Server Help!

    thats the config for the mapdownloader. you have to edit the config in this folder ...\MTA San Andreas\server <<----
  13. Yeah right, you have to rotate ist back, -> the first spawn point has a ratation of 0°, the second of 180°, and then you have to ratate the third to 0° and not to 360°.
  14. mp17

    Server Help!

    1. its for free 2. you need gta:san andreas(not for free) and mta:sa server 3. first install gta:san andreas, then install the mta:sa server software. then go to your install directorie of mta and edit the config.xml. then start the server.
  15. Yeah thx, i posted that stuf in the mta:sa board and they said the same, yes thx it works
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