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    I need an expert

    Hello, I'm one of the main head admins at the FearedGamers.net server, And let me explain firstly, that this video was NOT made by one of use, just one of our players in the server. But as Azu said, about a two weeks ago, he posted a screenshot on our forums and he had SoBeit enabled... in the screenshot. And, it was taken IN our server... so we know he used it in our server. So, he was banned... that was only 2 weeks ago... So, then when we get this, where it is very obvious he is going too fast at the end, and where he corrects himself on the motorcycle, we thought that that was just too large of a coincidence... It's his fault in the first place for using hacks in our server the first time, so off course we are going to be extra suspicious when we see a video like that...
  2. welder

    Warning About g00ns

    Exactly Although, to us it was a security lesson. Didnt really make us too upset
  3. welder

    Warning About g00ns

    No, we did absolutely nothing. Their intent is to screw clans up. They hate clans. And, also, i posted this above:
  4. Here is the story about our g00ns.net run in the last few days: Im sure most of you have heard of the server for MTA:SA Race call GamersEdge.org (Home of the -]alw[- Clan) Well, for about six months we have been playing with a player named "StoleMyBike" And, well, he was always in ventrilo a lot, and we talked on a regular basis. So, we let him in the clan about 3 weeks ago. Well, we had been getting some phone calls from the g00ns, and we started suspecting someone was listening in to us on Ventrilo. Well, the calls stopped, and they seemed to vanish for about a week. But three days ago, i logged into our remote desktop of our server, and someone else was logged on. So, we puilled the logs, and found it to be the g00ns. Next thing we know, our ventrilo goes down, and comes back with "G00ns.net Owns you" And someone joined with the name of the last name of one of our members. When he spoke, we realized it was indeed Stole, and he said to call him Mayo from now on. (Who is the leader of the attack squad on g00ns) They gained access to our forums, and downloaded our logs. They then used passwords in there, to steal various email accounts and myspaces from about 4-5 of our members. And they stole my Godaddy account (Which i got back) Im sure they would have done more, but we shut everything down to prevent that. he then called me on the phone, and we talked for about 45 minutes. He stated that his sole purpose for playing was to get into a clan, and screw them up. And thats what he did. He said that they targeted -]alw[- at the time, because we were one of the larger clans around. All i can say, is that i must WARN you, to be very cautious of who you let into your clan, and who you trust. NEVER download a file from another clansmen, no matter how long you have known them. He sent me a file a while back, and it turned out to be a backdoor virus, and key logger. So, they aren't hackers, but, rather social engineers, and exploiters. I must admit, he was very dedicated. I mean, spending half a year just to steal some email accounts is pretty damn dedicated. Its unfortunate that i can no longer trust anyone i know online. Because you never know who is just waiting for the right moment to mess you up. Luckily i got our new Domain ( FearedGamers.net ) Back, and got our website going again. It was also a good lesson on security. So, i must repeat. CAREFUL who you play with. Because they apparantly are pretty active in MTA just waiting for an opporunity. Bike himslf still plays under several aliases, and im sure we will not be the last ones. So, BEWARE.
  5. Im doing good ramrod.. but you better not have a fit, steal admin, and ban everyone in our deathmatch server again, when it comes out, and get yourself banned from our DM server also. But back on topic: Your maps look like they could be interesting.
  6. Ramrod, have you uploaded these yet?
  7. Nice Job I always thought replies on the blog, and replies here were linked.. but i guess i was wrong
  8. welder

    Tag Detector?

    Hmm... doesent seem to be working.. I went in with the name -]alw[-Imposter and it didnt do anything..
  9. welder

    Tag Detector?

    Hey, i have been trying to make a script that detects if someone has used our tag, then if so, it checks if they are logged into admin... I cant figure out how to get it to work though heres what i got: ;IP Admin Confirm if ($left($mta.nick($1,$2),7) == -]alw[-) { mta.pm $1 $2 Got 1 if ($readini(GEMTAusers.ini, $mta.nick($1,$2) $+ , admin) >= 1) { mta.pm $1 $2 Got 2 if ($readini(GEMTAusers.ini, $mta.nick($1,$2) $+ , baseip) == $gettok($mta.ip($1,$2),1-2,46)) { mta.pm $1 $2 Got 3 mta.pm $1 $2 Admin IP Validated } else { mta.pm $1 $2 $mta.nick($1,$2) - Invalid Admin IP Match! You have 10 seconds to login... var %srv = $1,%id = $2 !.timerkick. [ $+ [ $mta.nick($1,$2) ] ] 1 10 /mta.kick %srv %id } } } } The got PM's are for debugging.. I dont ever receive those, and instead of kicking a person with the tag who is fake, it just kicks ANYONE who changes their name to ANYTHING without warning... Any help would be great
  10. ? i downloaded the tool from THIS post.
  11. Nice plugin! But how do i use the mass mover? I double click the exe, and it opens a dos prompt window thing, and instantly closes.
  12. This would be extremely helpfull.. if only i knew how to install: Autoconf , and GNU Make I am renting a dedicated lunux server, and controll it fro SSH.. im a windows person. So i dont know how to install things like this. how do i do it?