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  1. babane42

    [REL][GM] BaseMode 1.0

    hi we can change the pictur or is bloked ? thank you for this final version
  2. babane42

    [REL][GM] BaseMode 1.0 beta #1-#3.

    kid proidiot
  3. babane42

    [REL][GM] BaseMode 1.0 beta #1-#3.

    hi all BASEMODE 3 it fear, different time out and it does a fine copy of the aad "[M2S]moe" which in turn is less bugged and more fun ps"base mode 2 is better "
  4. babane42

    [REL][GM] BaseMode 1.0 beta #1-#3.

    hi all i have a probleme with console "F8" all player can force vote is not admin and not login . if you have a solution please, thank you per advence.
  5. babane42

    [REL][GM] BaseMode 1.0 beta #1-#3.

    hello thank you to rhbk mode is great for cons I need your right to be able to edit and how do I do if you give me the right thank you in advance