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  1. You guys are so funny He just pressed space until it went to the next line. and typed the guys name. When he presses enter it looks like another person.
  2. I would never plays MTA LCS knowing that MTASA is just so much better. Bigger playing area, perfect blue core... switch for a smaller map... limited vehicles? No way!
  3. Lethal has eliminated player (Train) But I suggest it to say this: Lethal has eliminated player (Train ... Player is a noob) lmao
  4. I agree and that's how I feel about this war. What I mean, in specific to Iraq, though, is that we need to stay and there and finish helping the Iraqi government get on its feet. If we leave NOW it'll be chaotic for Iraq and Iraqis. Other than cleaning it from many (we're not done)terrorists we have been opening schools, hospitals, new jobs, etc. I looked at the figures in the Time magazine last year and I was very surprised. That's what we I meant when I said we need to finish. Help Iraq, have them as an ally which we need to defend our nation, and bring our soldiers back. Afghanista ... no
  5. Backing out? They'd kill echother and themselves Indeed. Give it back to the people. We removed the problem. Now it's time to give it back to the people and let them run their own country. It's almost like we're the worlds largest babysitting service now. Now? We have been the world babysitter since we became the world's biggest economy and the only world power postWWII. We have the Cold War to thank for that. Anyways, although I don't support the war, if we back out now we'd just lose too much. IMHO we need to stick it out for whatever time is needed.* You're right, we eliminated t
  6. if you install a main script mod (.scm) you won't be able to load old games. The only way would be to start a new game or restore the original main.scm. What mod, specifically, did you slap onto the game?
  7. I totally understand the point of view of the request, but I don't support it. I'm an American myself and feel as strongly about 911 as the next guy, but if someone decided to make a race and upload it there's nothing we should (can) do about it. He is simply doing what he wants. Now, if anything, we should go after the admins who use them in their server, if at all. ------ If we remove 911 then we would be forced to remove other maps under the same criteria, such as Irak and whatnot. Look at it this way though, you can rate it negative in the center and it'll probably never been seen as p
  8. try it yourself. Map Editor some barrels and crash into them.
  9. I have been looking around, and some of the general consensus is that respawning should be limited to lives, rather than seconds. Frankly, I have no problem either way. People keep complaining about everything that's released. I don't know about you, but 10 seconds is enough for you to lose a couple of places in a halfway full (halfway empty?) server.
  10. Please use this thread http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=16102
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