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  1. Looks like ill have to find my gta III discs
  2. 2003 thats the port number not the amount of numbers lmao
  3. i try to connect to my server through that browser but it appears to snip the last digit of my ip off lol
  4. Really cool that you made this town , =P , its a shame the devs couldnt make such a simple modification to the clients to fetch a list like that
  5. Hai, i decided to host my own mta vc server it will be up 24/7 IP: PORT : 2003 Thanks GuNNeR
  6. [GuNNeR]

    XML Values

    Hey , This is a small test for a script im trying to make function valTest(source) local StatsFile = xmlLoadFile ( "stats.xml" ) local nick = getPlayerName(source) local node1 = xmlFindChild ( StatsFile, "Player"..nick,0 ) local statsNode = xmlNodeGetAttribute(node1, "level") local oldlvl= xmlNodeGetAttribute(node1, "oldlevel") local old = xmlNodeSetAttribute ( node1 ,"oldlevel", statsNode ) outputChatBox(oldlvl) end What im trying to do is store the level of the player as oldlvl so i can compare the new level he will get later on in the script Everything sets perfectly in the xml file ,The only thing is that when i output oldlvl in the chatbox , even though in the xml file it says oldlvl="3" it will output the same value statsNode has any ideas? GuNNeR
  7. [GuNNeR]


    its in the "Play" resource
  8. [GuNNeR]

    weird acl bug

    Maybe an admin in your server is giving it out , Have you left runcode on?