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  1. Whaha thanks, i should've remembered that one but i forgot . Thanks again ^^
  2. Oh, i have 1 more question: What function can you use to change a players skin? I know setPedSkin but i read it was deprecated. And using spawnPlayer is also kinda annoying, because then i have to add the coordinates and that kind of things, and i have used the event onPlayerSpawn a couple of times in my scripts that wouldnt work appropriately anymore if i use it.
  3. Thanks a lot, it work's now . I thought the name of the team was also the team object, but i was wrong . But thanks again, now people can finally get a job with my resource, or at least, become a medic or cop .
  4. Hello guys, i have a question. I have two resources, for convenience, let's call them A and B. In resource A, i want to create two (and eventually more) teams. This is the script i've added in the server script of resource A: function createTeams () local teamCops = createTeam ("cops", 0, 0, 255) local teamMedics = createTeam ("medics", 0, 255, 255) end Now, in resource B, i want to add a player to team cops when he does /cop in the chatbox and to team medics if he does /medic. I have added the following script to the server script of resource B: function becomeCop (source
  5. Thanks, it totally works! Thanks again !
  6. Hello everybody, I am making a RPG script with a friend. To make it a bit more realistic for every player, i want to change the time to the player's clock. Now i have allready got this script: function setupTime() local realtime = getRealTime() setTime(realtime.hour, realtime.minute) setMinuteDuration(60000) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), setupTime) But when i tested it with someone else (who set a different time on his pc), the time stayed the same for him. Is it possible that getRealTime gets the time from the server? And if possible, can i change it so it wil
  7. I would like to help you. I'll make a fully setup server for you, with all scripts and things like that, design a fully new roleplay and zombie script and then i give it to you. For free. ...nah.
  8. Yeah i also was like 'wtf how to change my pass' but yeah this helps people alot. Also, UPDATE: In all the other login scripts the login window dissapears for all players when one logs in. This is now fixed in version 0.0.3 .
  9. I suggest you to read the wiki: http://development.mtasa.com/. It has some nice guides for beginning MTA players. The buildings, pickups and vehicles can all be placed with the inbuilt Map Editor. For an arena you'd have to learn to script, or find a script.
  10. UPDATE: I've added a help.xml and a password changing menu. Now, when you type /changepw you can change your password in a GUI. For images, check the resource at the community.
  11. P-Spawn is a small script that does the following things: + Spawns players when they join + Give them weapon and ammo when they join + Give them money when they join + Respawns players when they die + Give respawned players weapon and ammo + Take money from the player when they die + Give money to the player when they kill someone A lot of things can be changed in variables with a lot of comments in the script.lua file. For example: + Change the amounts of money players get and lose + Change the spawn coördinates + Change the player skin + Change the weapons players get This scrip
  12. P-Login is a nice login GUI with a login function and register function. It also shows if a username is allready taken, or if you put in the wrong username and/or password. In the newest version you can also change your password! To open the password changing screen, type in '/changepw' in the chatbox. To use this, simply add it to your resources folder and add it in mtaserver.conf to auto run it if you want it to start when you start the server. This resource is best to be used with my other script P-Spawn if you want a basic RPG-like freeroam mode. If you use it with the default freeroam
  13. Nice. Simple but well it works . Maybe once you've learned some more scripting you can start on a basic MP3 player, by adding a playlist with a few songs and adding commands as /nextsong, /prevsong and /stopmusic.
  14. Try new-mabako, because i think the old one doesn't work anymore. I could make a weaponshop, but it will take a while. And it will be a simple one, without images. I'll add it to the list of what i am going to make .
  15. What do you mean with spawnpoint script? Just a script that spawns players and respawns then when their dead, or something else? yes with skins and weapons so i can change: Coordinates & Skin & Weapons Thanks Well i've just made something really quick, i hope it's a bit like you wanted: http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=756 But i can make something else too offcourse .
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