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  1. You can find some maps by me in these links: "Final Rally" By Lone Wolf (ME) -Quote by laggy- Link: http://www.center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=1190 "WaterCrash" By Lone Wolf (ME) Link: http://www.center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=1070 I will add more links soon, newed maps appear at the top. Please I recommend to try out "Final Rally" its my best map so far, i do admit that "WaterCrash" sucks, it was my first map, so dont flame me.[/url] Please rate my map and give me tips on what i should do or fix, and please do vote. and i was wondering if that last part was kinda shitty, i mean with
  2. thank you finally someone understands the whoole time i was talking about MTA:SA, i thot i made it clear,..well peace out ill see you all tomorrow Topic root: Multi Theft Auto Forum Index -> MTA 0.5 -> HELP AREA -> Questions Now who's the retarded one? SORRY!!! and i thot i made it clear i didnt call anyone retarded. ooops i just clicked support board on http://www.mtasa.com, and this page came up. sorry about that, didnt realize,... well anyway can you check if my server is working right now??? its still online, can you just do a fast checkup, its called: Lone Wolf's Playho
  3. thank you finally someone understands the whoole time i was talking about MTA:SA, i thot i made it clear,..well peace out ill see you all tomorrow
  4. arghghghghgghghghgh, ummm, do you even play MTA?? i play on tons of servers everyday with add stuff in the sky, and yes i no u cant change around the city, but u can add models like building fences roads, land masses, and a whole bunch of other stuff, and again thats NOT MY QUESTION, can you please just answer my dam question,..arahah this stuff is not helping me,... i would just like to no if my server is fuctioning properly. thank you, and examples of edited maps are Bloodring, THE_BIG_CITY, rockcity or something like that,..... dam this is a support forum not a continuislly argue forum, an
  5. Thats not my question,......and also i have the 1.03 version server! welcome to the future my man im not calling him a dumbass hes calling me a dumbass and i have no freakin idea what u are talking about, its not actually UPLOADING maps they just tell me the name of the map and i dl it off http://www.center.mtasa.com holy shit and again THATS NOT MY QUESTION!!!!!!!!!! MY QUESTION IS IF MY SERVER IS WORKING!!!!!!! i dont give a shit about the uploading crap just tell me if my dam server is working,... And im not calling anyone a dumbass i just want my question answerd, thank you for those you
  6. Called? LOL, omg ur calling me a dumbass, the name of the server is right under "ITS CALLED:" THE NAME OF THE DAMN SERVER IS: Upload ur map at: http://www.mtamaps.zip.to/ ITS BOLDED!!!!!! and no offence, i aint calling you a dumbass its just that ur calling me a dumbass,..
  7. holy crap its the goddamn name of the server lol whats so hard to understand man???
  8. ok thats not my question first of all, my question is if my server is workinG!!!! ITS CALLED: Upload ur map at: http://www.mtamaps.zip.to/
  9. what ru talking about, u can change the map, well not change but add giant land peices and stuff,... And i just turned on my server so if someone can please check if its working just look for it in the public server lists, its name is: "Upload ur map at: http://www.mtamaps.zip.to/"
  10. Hi im wondering if someone could check if my server is working, its not full (0 Players) its called: Upload ur map at: http://www.mtamaps.zip.to/ Please tell me if you can see or cant see the server in the public list, thanks alot!!! that is if you do answer :> lol Im opening it tommorrow at 7:00pm est time please tell me after 7:00PM est time -Lone Wolf
  11. hi on the cosule of ur server how do u set admin pw???
  12. ok i just viewed my server consule and it said it kicked me cuz the anti-cheat suspected i was cheating??? so right now im reinstalling my game i hope it fixes the problem
  13. OK i just read another post to connect to ur server type this in quick connect: host: localhost port: 22003 I did that and i connected and then it was client verification and it didnt let me join?? wtf??? plz someone help me@!
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