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  1. Sheepeeshaun New User Posts: 20 Joined: Sat Jan 28, 2006 6:47 pm I know it sounds like a way to spam but it is really just for using it for what I specified. I will not go into detail about how I managed to get it to work but it does involve binds of course. Shame that you can't do client side scripting like how mIRC allows although I suppose it is *really* not required. -Shaun
  2. I have found another way to do this so it's ok now. Thanks for the help though
  3. I have tried the setTimer function but could not get it to work. Does it work client-side or is it just for server side scripting? There is a server I play on which has a /chance command which allows you to bet money on a coin flip the command is: /flip amount But you can only use this command every 20 secs or so. My idea is to set a timer so it automatically flips every 20 secs for me so I can play and not have to remember to flip all the time. Any ideas?
  4. Is there any way to add a timer to my client side commands for example say I wanted to: say text blah blah every 20 secs would there be anyway of doing it?
  5. Where's the INI file?! Edit: found the ini file but I still can't use Sheepee
  6. Getting help from people on here and asking to burn the ladder of help they gave you so that other people don't have a similar script to yours is a pretty detestable thing to do. Add on top of that all these false allegations you've been throwing at me lately (along with reports from other server admin of you using my nick in their servers) and I've got quite a few reasons to not be liking you, stay on topic though. PM this kind of crap to me... Stop embarrassing yourself man
  7. If you want to create something unique then create it yourself.
  8. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=233533
  9. I'd need 50% up front... the other 1/2 on completion...
  10. Isn't this a little extreme to, essentially, stop 3 names being used? It's a huge removal of functionality to clans who have always used <> for their clan tag. You said yourself that "obviousness is relative to the observer" you then went on to say that "[] ...were obviously the best alternative." Well I'm sorry to say that it's not obvious to me... Let me put it another way: If I have my name as I don't look like an admin, so why shouldn't I be allowed to call myself ?
  11. OK, so make it so that if someone has any of or or or it doesn't work (the first < shows up as an _ ) but if you have anything else ( included) it does? It's usually pretty obvious when someone is immitating an admin anyway. Isn't that hard to change it surely?
  12. How about you can only use <>'s if there is text after it so that: won't work but name would (this would be a pointless attempt at an imitation)
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