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  1. i want to this "i can shoot weapon without bullet ". help me
  2. getPedBodypart(x, y, z) return : head or leg ... is this possible?
  3. if MTA team try it, is it good well?
  4. sorry, my bad english. i searched "setPedWalkingStyle" on wiki. but i couldn't that. how i can use such as "setPedWalkingStyle"? Do i make my own scripting?
  5. You can use better effects mod yourself then. Adding something like this is useless tbh. Why useless? As fas as i know, if i patch something mode in GTA, i don't enter server in MTA. Only scripting has limit.
  6. Can't MTA team never replace effect file(hud.txd, effects.txd...)?
  7. I agree you. But is this possible?
  8. sorry to my bad english. Is "engineImportTXD" only use for model(vehicle, ped, object, weapon ..)? i want to use for effects(explosion, smoke, blood..). how should i do?
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