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  1. hey dude wot graphics card u got?? or just show us ur specs or something
  2. hey guys i had abit of a problem the other day and im just posting this because ppl might have the same problem if your in a game for abit and it keeps crashing (no matter what server your in) then it might be that your graphics card is out of date
  3. hmm tht is weird but it could be the cars in there because when they have loades of cars it can do that but it could be that the ping on it and if u have a high ping it will lag out even if your the only one there and if you have a low ping it will be ok but im not very good at figuring these things out but im just telling u the stuff that it could be doing if that makes sense....
  4. yeh im bhind a router and have avg but ive got rid of za and got a new firewall but thx for the help i guess for any1 tht has zonealarm well get rid of it and get a better one i guess this can b closed???
  5. could be that theres to many cars or players but it might not b tht im just guessing coz sometimes it could b that
  6. but then ill get some viruses and stuff on my pc any other way??
  7. well step by step how did udo it lol and thx for helping
  8. well wot do u mean coz its enabled but its still blocking it if any1 had zonealarm and has sorted it can u pls pm me or something or just tell me how to figure this out pls ty
  9. no no no i think u got it wrong lol im not trying to get on my server (i dont have one) but im trying to connect to other ppls but i cant see wot the names are because they r all unscanned its like zonealarm is blocking it so i cant see the name or connect
  10. hey guys wen i start up mta sa i cant connect to a server coz its unscanned but ive search threw the site and i cant figure out how to allow the ports i try and do it but i just cant can u pls help me
  11. when did u buy the game coz when i bought it i had the same thing but my m8 sent me his gta sa and it worked
  12. i have a router will tht affect it??
  13. hey i have a problem with my server browser everytime i have firewall on (zonealarm) and i play mta sa 1.11 it wont let me see the names of the servers but i can only quick connect and thts it but wen i turn firewall off it shows all the servers can u pls help me?? ps wen i had mta 1.10 it worked fine now i have this 1.11 it haves problems.
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