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  1. lol you give such vague answers you sound like a wise ancient elder.So tell me what is the purpose of life?
  2. Patience is a virtue. Observation is a blessing. Humm...if you are telling me to have patience does that mean that there will be a new version?
  3. I would love to have mta 0.5 online again but sadly mta team is not working in vice city anymore so i guess this is just not possible,unless Towncivilian's improvements get implemented in mta
  4. Hey there,i came from vcmp and i never had played mta before,so today i installed mta 0.5 and i liked it,it has some features that vcmp doesn't but unfortunatly the mta:vc comunity is dead i could only find 2 servers online and they are always empty.We (vcmp players) are used to have some bugs here and there as long as it's not major bugs. Synchronization it's an impossible thing to resolve at the time,but it can be improved .Vice city players never had a perfectly Synchronized version like mta:sa, and i really liked mta 0.5 altough it has some bugs,so i greatly apreciate what you are doing,or better yet what you did since this started in 2007 and i bet im not the only one that would like to see this being released. I would love to see mta:vc online again and i have some friends that would love to see that hapen too,it's such a good mod ,shame it was abandoned.... anyway i'll try to speak with some friends to see if they want to play mta:vc. Good luck.
  5. Hey there i came from VC:MP and i wanted to see how mta was, so today i downloaded and installed Mta 0.5 and i liked it alot, it has some features that vcmp does not, like spedometer,ramps and other stuff.....if only the mta team didn't abandoned vice city....it would be awsome if they came back with a new release Anyways, im going to try to talk with some more vcmp players to ask them if they want to play mta,because it's such a good mod too bad it was abandoned..... Until now i only found 2 servers online,but they are always empty
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