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  1. I would like to get The Abandend airport for ::THE SaAS:: Thanks
  2. Acid

    ::::The SAAS ::::

    anyone wanna join?
  3. I would like to register a base at the abanded airstrip for ::::THE SaAS:::: Thanks
  4. Acid

    ::::The SAAS ::::

    Hi we are The SAAS ( San Andreas Air Service). The role in this ganfg is protect our airways from dangerous threats,snoop out cheatings Our Base will be the Army base in the desert. The SAAS will give out honourary points and keep a list. Members: Leaders:Acid Snoopers(person that goes around lookin for people to kill): Snipers: Hydra Pilots: Cargo Plane Pilots: CargoBob: If you would like to join tell me and i will see.
  5. Acid


    The MTA Forums need revamped they have been like this for a long time. They should match the homepage with the blue core theme.
  6. Made 2 new banners fit the site better: this one has the characters with color This one has characters as bluey-grey
  7. Here is another try all this pics are from ransoms selection On The template http://img303.imageshack.us/img303/23/newsitenewbanner26aa.png
  8. I used the Newsite template to see what my banner was site tell me what you think http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/4218/newsitenewbanner2sh.png
  9. will ppl give me ideas so I know how to get it to fit the blue theme
  10. I had another go but now it has a theme for past to the future(MTA SA DEATHMATCH)
  11. There is my try I use Ulead Photoimpact 10
  12. Nice video mate keep it up
  13. Acid


    When playing the game i can here the music but cant here the cars bikes etc. When im driving fast it comes up a white screen saying loading then after that im dead Can you help me
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