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  1. If I wanted to make a Blue mod where would I start and what resources would I need?
  2. You need something else installed to get the MTA server to work. Search the forums, I have seen this issue before.
  3. The MTA:SA binds should atleast be defined in a file and there should be the option to have different GTA:SA bindings between ground-water vehicles and air vehicles, either with an in-game binding interface or by means of configuring a file.
  4. I meant that his feed, when I view it in IE, has only the four sets of windows, unlike mine which has the four sets of windows along with many entries below for each map it finds.
  5. Also as I said earlier, it dosen't work for me in gtasa and I mentioned my friend had it working perfectly in mtasa. I am aware that MTA:SA is not supported by xfire, but I also know that GTA:SA is and the only reason I am asking here is because the only thing that has a chance at being looked at on the xfire forums is something relating to CS:S. Anyway, all I am looking for is a person who has it working and would be kind enough to troubleshoot with me.
  6. In xfire in "Options" dialog, under the "Games" tab, under the node "Installed Games" lies "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas", which points to "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas", the directory where I installed GTA:SA.
  7. I found http://www.xfire.com/xf/modules.php?nam ... ic&t=25748 before posting here and the in-game chat key still dosen't work. I have the hoodlum no-cd crack the same as a friend of mine who could recieve and answer xfire in-game messages smoothly while he was playing on my MTA:SA server.
  8. I am not capable of getting the in-game chat working with mtasa or gtasa. Any suggestion? Edit: It is under my installed games catagory also.
  9. In the next version, add an option for server adminstrators to allow new players and possibly dead people the option to respawn somewhere behind the last person in the face. You also would want to give that person an acceleration boost untill he reaches the average speed of the player infront of him so he wont be really far behind depending on what vehicle is currently being used.
  10. Also delete DsR ( http://center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=465 ) .
  11. http://center.mtasa.com/rss.php?h=32834 ... f97f507cdd dosen't look like mine ( http://center.mtasa.com/rss.php?h=72d70 ... 84bf9c09d3 ). Maybe that is the problem?
  12. My feed is http://center.mtasa.com/rss.php?h=72d70 ... 84bf9c09d3 My server has ChilidadX. If you want me to give you rights to my server's map's directory post a reply.
  13. Why are there more maps on the center.mtasa.com website than there are on my server if I have the rss map downloader running in addition to having an rss feed that contains the search criteria for any map?
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