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  1. So I'll need to know and understande C++ to use the SDK? Ah well, I don't fancy my chances but thanks for the link to the tutorial, I'll take a look. As for the html bit, I know, I was just indicating my lack of programming knowledge. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I know it's difficult to answer questions about something that doesn't really exist yet but I'll try anyway... What knowledge will I need to use the MTA-SA SDK? Is it going to be fairly easy to use to design your own game types or will you need software development knowledge. Seen as my programming code knowledge doesn't really stretch beyond html, I'm hoping it's going to be easy to use. Thanks.
  3. I found that thread when I was searching around for an answer but it doesn't have a conclusion. Was it not working for him because he didn't set his network up properly or because MTA doesn't let you do it? I just want to know if it's possible before I go out and buy the neccesary equipment. Cheers.
  4. Hi, I have a NAT router and would like two PC's to be able to connect to the same public MTA-SA server over the same internet connection. Some multi player games don't allow mutiple people to connect from one IP address, can I do it with MTA-SA? Thanks, Dave.
  5. I have an Xbox 360 wired PC controller and I've had mixed results with GTA-SA. I can't get any analog buttons or sticks to work without running SAAC. This is a free program which has been made to allow you to use a wide range of controllers with GTA-SA. You can download it here: http://toca.game-editing.net/index.php However, this does not work with MTA-SA, probably due to the anti cheat software. This is a known issue which as far as I know has not been resolved. There are details about this problem in the above websites forum and also in the MTA wiki. Hope this helps.
  6. I'll second that! Just to confirm, I've tested it out on my server and it now works fine. Thanks DominionSpy.
  7. Hi, It appears that my RSS map downloader is downloading maps I didn't ask for. My RSS feed is setup to download maps with 4*+ rating but it's downloading maps which according to the community center are still avaiting 3 votes. I setup the rss feed before the new "3 vote" rule was applied and at that point there were 20 or so 4*+ rated maps. There is now only one 4*+ rated map listed in the community center but 188 have been dowloaded by my server. Does anyone know why this is happening? I'm using rssmapdownloader V1.1 Thanks.
  8. Not got time right now I'm affraid. I just log in, do a search and then click the orange and grey button in the corner. This then takes me to a blank RSS feeds page that has no text or buttons in the central frame. However, since getting it to work in firefox, it now appears to work in IE6. Adding my first RSS feed in Firefox must have got me past some stage that IE6 wasn't liking, wierd.
  9. It must be something to do with IE6 because it works fine in Firefox 1.5. If anyone knows a way to make it work in IE6 I'd be grateful if you could post it here. I think this could be the excuse I've been looking for to switch to Firefox.
  10. I've got Feedreader 2.9 installed on both PC's but I didn't realize I needed to use it for this, as it doesn't mention it in the guide. I'm fairly new to all this RSS business. What do I need to do to get it working? Cheers.
  11. Hi, I've tried following the "Keeping your server maps up-to-date" guide but I can't get any maps to appear in my RSS feed. I can search for maps but whenever I click the "RSS|Add map to feed" button, it just takes me to a blank RSS feeds page with no "Add to new feed" button. I've tried on two seperate PC's and the same thing happens. I'm using IE6 and XP Pro SP2, both of which are fully up to date. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers, Dave.
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