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  1. It works now! ja fan vad bra att det gör det, nu ska det spelas som fan !
  2. Do you not read dialog boxes? It's a welcome message, not an error. You have to press Ok. I did that.
  3. I got this when i did what you said. but i will try on the other computer when i come home from school. Stuff usually works on that computer without any problems.
  4. A window pop up and say things about mta . Then i press ok. Nothing happends, i open the game nothing. Yes i have it but i doesn't know anything about things like this. But i will try this on the other computer tomorrow. Tx for ingenting.
  5. So, now i have done that. now what?
  6. What is task manager (under processes tab)? I don't now what it is on swedish. So if u tell me exactly where to go and kill it?
  7. C´mon, just tell me exactly what to do now so i can play. But now i must go to bed. God natt då på er.
  8. Ok, now i have installed the client file when i press it this pop up why?
  9. what file is it i should dl? Both Win32 Client and Win32 Server ?
  10. Now i had installed it for gta 3 but it still don't work!!! =(
  11. This site download sextion
  12. Every time i try to connect to multi theft auto gta III this come up no games just this over and over and over.... Whats wvrong?
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