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  1. MaSKa

    Fixing gamepad camera

    would be good to implement an option to adjust the speed of the camera
  2. MaSKa

    Fixing gamepad camera

    we need cam fix for races !!
  3. Hi I need help creating spawnpoints tuned cars from the start i add command upgrades="0" in the spawnpoint line of the archive.map example <spawnpoint id="spawnpoint (Jester) (1)" vehicle="559" interior="0" posX="1571.3897705078" posY="-1011.167175293" posZ="23.660312652588" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="179.99450683594" upgrades="0" /> but doesnt work..any idea?i tr with upgrades="1" too but nothing.....need help plz Is for race gamemode
  4. undoubtedly the best racing mod that exists in the world, none, nothing matched, unfortunately, it could improve even more or at least leave it as before and give it more publicity, would be immortal as well ... I hope everything will return to a as before My youtube videos including MTA Races
  5. Some possibility of having option to collisiones between vehicles in MTA's following version?
  6. It is Leviathan, so(then,since) to seeing if soon we are surprised by this new way or something... I use a translator
  7. But to seeing if there were servers without collision also the habria with collision, a server if colission tendria that to be alone of careers, unless the option of colission available this one in the map, the truth, serious one very wena option, habra fewer lag and mas clean game
  8. is possible...I you remember that between the cars RC there is no collision, to it I refer
  9. I'm still waiting for a server which desactives the colision between vehicles...
  10. Someone working a possible script to do careers without collision between(among) vehicles? .. for a clean game and without shocks... A greeting!
  11. would be possible one server without collision? Saludos !
  12. MaSKa

    New map: SPRINT

    It is not a question of a complete circuit not much less, but it(he) seems to me to be enterteining;) ... and very rapid and jugable, on to with 20 players has to be nice, especially the arrival to goal
  13. MaSKa

    New map: SPRINT

    hello boys!! 1º im Spanish 2º thanks to BlueTeam ; ) 3º this map is for dedicated servers preferably....I expect one admin (with property of server) test it and if seems him well that include it in its server Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M13BYCLY Sprint Sprint face to face Sorry for my language ...Salut !!
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