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  1. I dreamt I was fixing bugs in my python module I've been working on.
  2. Robpol86


    All of these quotes are literally fake btw.
  3. Because of cheaters, the deal is off. If they wouldv played along, i wouldv done my part of the deal. too bad, maby next time you shouldnt cheat... THREAD CLOSED
  4. posted before the post jostud quoted
  5. Robpol86

    i cant play :(

    Read the rules...
  6. if i remember correctly, you forward 2003 and 2126 usd (+123) i think you also forward 2004 (+1) for something, i think it was to query the server so it will be listed, dunno. but i do remember those 3 +0 (2003) +1 (2004) +123 (2126) all udp
  7. I am logged in when I try to PM u but it logs me out everytime I try to PM u, it doesn't for other people just u http://robpol86.com/irc there you go gunny
  8. wow, its been over a year?.. i dunno, i havent made a new script for mta 0.4.x so i dunno if the query changed or something. im sure it has though
  9. if you know php you can make your own easily
  10. disable ase in the server, start server, get lan IP (192.168.?.?), tell people to connect to that ip, the same way you do to play online
  11. if aol dsl works like aol dialup, then the entire connection is proxied. maby its that or parential controls?
  12. obviously theres no point in this thread, so im locking it LOCKED
  13. jap commercials are weirder than mexican commercials..
  14. hmm, that chat thing sounds kewl, i didnt even know about it, i feel so left out i might get me a ds, but i dunno, my sp has been collecting dust after a few weeks of purchase
  15. sp2 will work anyways. it was intended to block detected cdkeys. i had one. i was blocked. at the last min, they took off the block, so no worries havent tried it w/ fckgw cdkey
  16. it worked on my pirated cdkey before, windowsupdate v5 didnt update on my pirated cdkey. now when i install sp2, it works..... wtf? http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodte ... chngs.mspx = bad request for me microsoft has the network install available: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/deta ... layLang=en i installed it on my work pc (legit copy of xp pro, forced by boss...) and i dont have any problems as of yet. just needed to get a hacked uxtheme.dll cuz i didnt feel like updating stylexp.
  17. you DELETED mcafee and norton? or UNINSTALLED, or NEVER HAD?
  18. Robpol86

    My SIG ownz you all

    mine is the best, you all stfu
  19. Robpol86

    My pic......

    stfu i know someone that looks strikingly similar to iggy (no not me you smartass)
  20. i remember 0.1 that was when i had my server, it was the best... and now its gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAH, i played so much mta back then
  21. just USE THE 2K STYLE LOGON SCREEN and your gay "MEGA CRASHES" arnt so MEGA anymore mta only crashed once for me, and it was a MEGA CRASHED that i MEGA FIXED using the MEGA 2K LOGON SCREEN
  22. um, why did you open a new thread...?...........
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