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  1. GTASA

    Cops and robbers

    Sorry There will be sound in next video
  2. GTASA

    Cops and robbers

    its a good idea,coming soon
  3. GTASA

    why noobs suck

    LOL! that's damn funny
  4. GTASA

    Cops and robbers

    This is my Cops and robbers video,got the idea when we were chasing eachother in my map testing server . Starring: Martin (me) Nick KSking Download now (14 MB) http://www.zone.ee/dchat14/CAR.wmv Post what you think
  5. Check my new project "Rockford",it will have the stuff you named.
  6. Hey everyone,im making a new cool map...again It will be massive,on a flat land and 4 areas.You can go to the next area over a bridge or tunnel. DAK Map Testing Server (Known as DAK Beta) Note : beta server isnt accessible via ASE beacause i disabled it. Some screenshots : http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y15/martintr12/Rockford/
  7. Well,there have not been any updates on hometown and i have managed to get a forum.We have a GTA/MTA Section and MTASA Deathmatch clans section.And no,im not trying to advertise. Link for those who want to see http://www.d2k5.com/
  8. good job your doing there laggy
  9. have you inserted the meta data in map editor for the map,name and description,i didnt get to upload my map before i added meta data.
  10. Look at the expression, its a definate 'OH NOES' HAHA!
  11. haha,the big pecker is hillarious and the toilet one too
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