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  1. @ipconfig yeh some kind of king of the hill would be cool too
  2. haha yeh that would pwn driving the flag around all team games would rock tbh
  3. *downloads the old one was boring me X)
  4. ak would be kinda hopeless tho (in real life anyway)
  5. ak would be kinda hopeless tho (in real life anyway)
  6. Would also be cool if more ppl could enter the small passenger jet and paratroop one at a time haha sry something completly different
  7. I understand this and again I am not against respawning as serverside or map option. I still think "fixing" a certain problem with something completly different isn't the way to do it. As in enabling respawning in a race mode because it might stop vote abuse. If there is a problem with voting then fix the voting not respawning, how are you sure this would help at all from just a few opinions of ppl on this forum. The ppl that die still lose the race (in most of the cases) so how are you sure they wont vote because there is respawning? Because of playing a lot of betas, Ive seen that trying
  8. yeh letting mappers control respawning etc is a good choice, but not complete imho, I think race (like I stated before kinda) should have more gametypes. For me the racing is very very fun so Id like to see this get bigger, ofcourse I like walking (DM) aswell but just saying that i would be cool to see more race gametypes in the future. Most of these gametypes are already made ofc but (as in deathmatch, maps like hotroute etc) Id rather not see all maps have respawning since tbh I dont really like it and there are enough servers where ppl have the patience to wait till the race is finished an
  9. i was replying to kamahl >,
  10. but what if you were playing with friends (that dont own a ventrilo server) and wanted to communicate during race and still try and beat em... cuz with voicechat comes the ignore button (well except with civ4, but nobody uses voice chat there anyway)
  11. police in gta2 mp did kinda have a purpose as in making it more challenging to keep your score up (getting busted = -1 score) but meh id rather see game modes like cops vs robbers, and ballas vs grove street. Only players ofc no npcs Or maybe some extra npcs to make it more like a gangwar, adds to chaos and distraction. But I dont see that happening anyway, if team dm at all.
  12. super thx Sorry I read the Wiki twice, somehow didnt see this
  13. I have to agree with Ryan here. If you're dead you are dead. In a deathmatch game with hydra's it would be worse to have to play the map till a time or kill limit instead of just dying once and having to wait, and for others its more a pain in the ass to wait till someone wins. And if you played the Hydra map (wich is supposed to be a skillz map wich majority of ppl doesnt want to do cuz they cant) you will notice a time or kill limit will take a lot longer then just waiting till only one survives, and same kinda applies for races aswell. If someone would be able to respawn they would bug th
  14. thx shouldve thought of that before but looked like there were more digits like in rotation and stuff
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