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  1. Thanks. I'm sorry if I seemed to abandon this... MTADiag contained some information that I didnt want submitted. When I get a chance, I'll try the latest version. However, no one else seemed to add comments about similar behaviour, so I'll try another PC if same issue occurs. Thanks again
  2. Amazing!! Well done team. I'm very proud of your work, and it tickles me that we've had this mod for years. Rockstar should award you guys. I'm eagerly waiting GTAV but will always come back to this from time to time Had some great fun, so thanks again.
  3. Hi, I can only play on maps that are smaller than 350KB. When I join a server, the map starts to download but halts around 350-380KB progress. Never gets past 400KB. Any clues?
  4. Has this always happened on this PC? Or just started to happen?
  5. Try a different DVD drive to read the DVD - different drives have different tolerences for scratches etc. Also make sure you use a fairly new drive as they work better with weak sectors and scratched discs. CloneCD can do the job with a decent DVD drive but you need to change the default settings - use the copy Protected GameCD profile and ensure you edit the profile to copy "Sub-Channel Data" and 'Amplify Weak Sectors'.
  6. That's only been a problem since v1.1.1 when they introduced the serverlist autorefresh. It's a pain when you disconnect manually from a game or get kicked 'not responding' or 'timed out' and also leaves the refresh button unusable lol. Hopefully MTA will make that list populate the first time you open it only
  7. If you've got a software firewall like Zone Alarm, turn off the Program Control (turn off Component Control if using Zone Alarm Pro). I use ZA Pro and this problem happened to me after Race 1.1.1
  8. Why would you want to minimise MTA? The minimise restriction is there to prevent running external programs (such as cheats) after MTA starts up.
  9. If you're using Zone Alarm Pro, turn off 'component control' If you're using regular free Zone Alarm, just turn off 'Program Control' the firewall itself can still run and block incoming connections
  10. ><CHAIN><


    probably graphics driver related. search this forum, there are loads of posts with similar symptoms
  11. Does it always happen when you start the game? I get that error sometimes but am able to play most of the time. Here's some things to check in the meantime.... -Search this forum for your exact error message and read some of the other posts related to it. -Make sure you have logged on to your PC with admin rights -Check Video and Audio drivers are up to date (including DirectX) Any joy?
  12. If you're using a software firewall like Zone Alarm, you need to make sure that the program ie. gta_sa.exe is allowed to accept incoming traffic. I have replicated your symptoms in your screenshot simply by telling my Zone Alarm NOT to allow incoming traffic for program gta_sa.exe. Or if you switch off your firewall just so you cant test without it, does it the issue still occur?
  13. Thanx dude but I dont really need it. This error shows once in a while for me and a simple restart of MTASA solves it Same here also.
  14. Not entirely sure what you mean... but if you are referring to this http://mtavc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15151 then follow Talidans notes and use his download link for the downgrade patch. At least your GTA install will be clean. ...until now, so has anything changed on your PC? This problem is occuring every time so you can no longer play, right? I use Zone Alarm and Sophos AntiVirus, I never have to close any (and TBH would never want to either - whatever the game/application).
  15. Sure but..... are you using EU version 1 or 2?. The patch is a 'downgrade' patch to change from version 2 to 1. Only v1 is supported by MTA at the moment. Please clarify Also, when did this problem start to happen - has MTA ever worked successfully for you?
  16. Hi, have you searched your error in this forum? Check the following posts , which I fould by searching for "Runtime Error" http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=16281 http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=16232
  17. I've come across the same error "Internal error! (1)" but I cant remember what I did to solve it or how I caused it (I was replicating someone elses problem lol) and this is no help I know . But it wasn't caued by 1,2 or 3. So the error probably relates to the mod failing to load - whatever the cause.
  18. Lol I know you're kidding - your spec prob couldn't even manage either of those I've seen another post in this forum where your same issue is experienced on LAN also. I think erorr404 was suprised but noted it, so I reckon the team are already on the case.... However, I have been able to play for more that 20mins on loads of occasions...
  19. Is there a message stating WHY you are disconnected? e.g. timed out or Unexpected Packet data. Is it the same error every time? Are there any other processes running on the MTA pc that are using high CPU or network utilisation?
  20. either way - the common factor here is the error and it's worth this post knowing about other posts that experience the same error. That's how we learn and tackle these issues..... Perhaps there is something both users have in common which causes this - hence reference to other post is worthwhile. nuff said bout that anyway Siruz are you uising a no-cd crack?
  21. lol it's the same error and I supplied the link for info.
  22. This error is already in an existing post http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=16295
  23. I would reccomend that you disable the overclocking first. Then see if problems persist
  24. Will do, thanx lol not a spelling master then he he
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