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  1. Hi, this is because Windows File Protection is restoring some older driver files. To solve this you need to use a free utility called Driver Cleaner Pro (http://www.drivercleaner.net).It's important to follow their guidleines on how to make a successful clean but it worked for me as I had exactly the same issues with some other games (obviously not with MTA because I learnt before how to avoid it - I have a Radeon X800XT with 6.1 Drivers (6.2 available now tho)). This is a common enough issue which this utility has been created to remedy. I hope it helps you. Uh Thanks But since my compute
  2. hey okay i get the pic I'll edit Plus my computer broke and I have to buy a new one! This just keeps getting worse...
  3. ahh no my computers broke! I have to buy a new one... dang!
  4. I'd like to see the deathmatch with possible car (boat, chopper?) shooting. You know, like in the mission "Reuniting the Families" when you shoot the cops etc... Maybe make a button to switch to so you could get accurate drive bys or blow up other carsor vehicles. I'd think that'd be interesting. Deathmatch is gonna be HUGE!
  5. N00s can be so annoying. Like on crowded maps!
  6. Yeah I find it annoying too. Especially when your driving and doing good!
  7. Hey Brophy, thanks. It worked. i guess the ones i was trying were not really that good of a connection. Are there any other servers with good connection like whiteys? (maybe its the website hosts that work?) any way thanks
  8. I know how to get MTA running at least. I have to reinstall my drivers everytime. When it asks for me to reset my computer and i say yes it doesn't reset. When i shutdown and reload it says its loading drivers and when i go to play MTA its not doing it so i go and reinstall etc... Im not too sure. I have Dell 2650 display and no other kinda display... I downloaded the, I think its ATi 9600 something. Do I have to have a previous ATi driver in to fix it or buy one? P.S. i played online and man it was fun(ny). i love it when loads of people either blow up, crash, get into a huge pile up and
  9. do i search for whitey's in the server list?
  10. When I get MTA in the menu and try and connecto to a server it eventually times out and then my screen goes black and I must restart. I've tried changing my nickname a few times. Is it just a batch of bad connections?
  11. Alright! I got on. I was looking at another page about graphic/video upgrades and I installed one that helped them and it worked! But its one problem after another! I'm having Server problems but it shouldn't be that hard to fix. Thanks everyone! Oh wait hold on its doing it again. Crap!
  12. hmm i deleted the gta.set file a while ago. I restored my keys to default. I restored my display options but I'm not too sure if it also resets the advanced options as well... I tryed it and same stuff... maybe i'll install both again. ... do i need any previous mta versions like 0.5 to use this? or maybe im missing something.. hmmm
  13. k i'll see if it works. for res do u mean resolution? i cant access my advanced display options. It justs crashes and returns to my desktop. lastly, do i have do delete my sav files and start a new one for it to work? thanks
  14. If anyone has found an alternate solution other than the ones that have been posted (and works) please post. Thanks to everyone who have been kind enough to try and help with this situation. Thanks. But it just wants me to play it even more!
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