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  1. http://domvps.com Just wanted to let you all know of our new OpenVZ series - domVZ! Order for 6 months or a year? Receive either 10% or 20% off! Now providing VPS' from as little as £12 a year, here are the plans we have to offer: domVZ 128 - £12 a year 128MB RAM 256MB Burst RAM 10GB HDD 1CPU core 500GB traffic 1IPv4 10IPv6 (Only at supported locations) domVZ 256 - £3.20 256MB RAM 512MB Burst RAM 20GB HDD 2CPU core 1TB traffic 1IPv4 20IPv6 (Only at supported locations) domVZ 512 - £4.80 512MB RAM 1GB Burst RAM 30GB HDD 2CPU core 2TB traffic 1IPv4 30IPv6 (Only at supp
  2. Hello! We are currently running two epic offers from our Munich, Germany location. VPS Features - Dedicated resources - Fast and reliable hardware & network - SolusVM - Instant setup - Zero overselling - rDNS - TUN/TAP & PPP 512MB Plan - £2.87 ($4.50) - OpenVZ 512MB Dedicated RAM 1GB Burst RAM 1 CPU Core @ 3.20GHz 30GB RAID Disk space 500GB Bandwidth monthly 1 IPv4 Address IPv6 soon, 10 when available. More on request. Click here to order this VPS at only $4.50/mo. 1GB Plan - £4.14 ($5.99) - OpenVZ 1GB Dedicated RAM 2GB Burst RAM 2 CPU Cores @ 3.20GHz 60GB RAID D
  3. Hello! I would recommend at least the domRAM1024, domRAM2048 may be better. We have a few customers who like to run Minecraft on their VPS, it runs without any issues (if you assign enough ram!) If you would like to discuss this further you could always drop us a ticket at https://no1servers.com/billing/submitticket.php I'm sure we can sort you out a great deal! Kind regards, Cameron
  4. Hello! What location would best suit you? We can currently offer VPS' in Germany, Netherlands and the United States. We do have more locations such as France and United Kingdom, however these locations are full. For £7.50 €9.22 $12.08 a month you can get: 2 Shared CPU cores 20GB Disk space 1GB RAM 2GB Burstable RAM 500GB traffic (if order is in Germany we can offer an extra free TB on top!) 1IPv4 Take a look at http://domvps.com/ If none of the plans listed suit your needs we can provide a custom plan Any questions? Feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to help out! Kind regards,
  5. We have recently launched a new node! Located in Texas, United states, this runs the latest hardware, Intel Xeon E5-2620 @ 2GHz with a massive 32GB of DDR3 RAM. Hardware RAID10 with 4x1TB drives. Running on a 1Gbit port with IPv6 support coming soon. Test IP to ping: Just select United States from the Location drop down upon ordering to have your VPS located on this great node! As usual, any questions? Feel free to ask! Kind regards, domVPS
  6. Hello, Sorry for the confusion. The email was about your VPS, however we missed the 1 from the begging of the IP in the subject line. However, this issue has been resolved by support ticket.
  7. Hello, We are no longer closing domVPS, all orders will be processed as normal!
  8. If we are not on live support - submit a support ticket and we will reply!
  9. The node your VPS was on, did have some issues within the last few weeks, which we fixed with a BIOS update, however the server was not crashing every day. Did you ever contact support about the issues with domPANEL? We would certainly fix the panel if we were alerted of issues with it.
  10. Good news! We are now providing KVM VPS' in the US, New Jersey. This allows you to run both Linux and Windows. (Windows keys will need to be provided by yourself, as we do not currently sell licences) Current ISO's uploaded: CentOS 5.8 32bit & 64bit CentOS 6.2 32bit & 64bit FreeBSD 9 32bit & 64bit Arch Linux 2011.08.19 32bit & 64bit Debian 6.0.5 32bit & 64bit Gentoo 12.1 32bit & 64bit Linux Mint 13 32bit & 64bit Ubuntu 12.04 32bit & 64bit Alipine Linux 2.4.3 32bit & 64bit Windows Server 2003 R2 32bit & 64bit More ISO images can be uploaded o
  11. Sorry for the delay! Please could you open a support ticket with your requirements? We can then find the package that can support this best! Kind regards, Cameron
  12. Hi, Just a quick update, we have now got servers in Luxembourg on 1Gbit ports along with space on our German nodes. Grab them while they are available! You can also claim an extra 1TB of bandwidth on all orders in Germany, just open a ticket to claim it! As always, if you need any more information or support, feel free to hop on live support or open a support ticket.
  13. I'm sorry - we no longer provide Game Hosting. We do however provide VPS' at http://domvps.com which can be used for hosting MTA servers!
  14. Sure - We can do that for you! Problem solved! If you are getting any other issues, please open a support ticket and we will be happy to help
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