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  1. Lithuania thx for everything =) p.s. google is ...
  2. i dont understand second part becouse my language is pure but i want my own good public server =)
  3. cheaters have problems with him self, becouse hi is loser and cant win with his strenght
  4. i cant becouse my pc is ... & i cant leave it for all night or day this is bad
  5. what need to do that server run in ftp?
  6. garbas

    How can i do?

    How can i do public server from local?
  7. ????????????????????????????????????????/
  8. What i must do to fix this ?=) ###### Name: 'Untitled MTA:SA Server' Port: 22003 Mod: San Andreas : Race Mod Max Players: 32 ###### Server successfully started on port 22003 Type 'quit' to shut the server down [19:36:46] Server log being saved to 'mtaserver.log' [19:36:47] All Seeing Eye listing enabled. Port 22126 (UDP) must be accessible from the internet [19:36:47] Querying game-monitor.com master server... [19:36:47] Connecting to update server... [19:37:48] WARNING: Updating anticheat definitions failed (Failed reading out response) Your defi
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