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    auto aim

    Id rather not Run around someone thats standing still until they run out of ammo, thats just lame and easy. the only thing its helping you with is making your death take longer. I would brand anyone that uses a controller a n00b, not because of their lack of skill. So if I prefer to use a controller for a game like this, regardless of the fact I use a KB/M for other games, that labels me a noob? Please, get over yourself. Some people prefer to use a gamepad, especially for a game like this, simply because they don't like to be fumbling around a rather WIDE keyboard to use the buttons they need. It's a matter of comfort for most people, which I'm going to wager some of you wouldn't accept as a logical response because it's still *generic insult.* It's rather hilarious to see the number of people in this thread trying to pseudo-bash others for their preference for a certain method of input. Let me also apologize, since I like to use a gamepad for GTA my opinion is obviously going to be attacked and essentially nullified since all insults thus far quite obviously apply to anyone who likes to use a gamepad. Bash away.....
  2. cyrix

    Dumb question

    To be blunt, yes. If you have dialup though I wouldn't suggest playing MTA. You're ping would be absurd. You know, instead of being so cynical, you could have simply answered his question without being a pompous ass.
  3. cyrix


    You had to install the allowed mod "hidden interiors" to see it. Remember the apartment 3C glitch to get into the bar? That was one of my favorite ones from VC.
  4. You could try using port forwarding if your router supports it. I use it for alot of my heavy bandwidth programs. You can also tweak how packets are handled in windows itself. Lastly, you can turn off alot of the network and remote services unless you absolutely need them. Here is a list of services that most people need/use: Automatic Automatic Updates - (Required by Windows Updates) Automatic Background Intelligent Transfer Service - (Required by Windows Updates) Automatic COM+ Event System - (Required by BootVis and other Applications) Automatic Cryptographic Services - (Required to confirm the signature of Windows system files, Protected Root Services and Key Services) Automatic DCOM Server Process Launcher - (Required by Disk Defragmenter) Automatic DHCP Client - (Required for Cable/DSL connections and Routers) Automatic DNS Client - (Improves Internet Performance) Automatic Event Log - (Required by Windows and cannot be Stopped) Automatic Logical Disk Manager - (Required to manage and update your Harddrives) Automatic Network Connections - (Required by Network Connections) Automatic Plug and Play - (Required by your System Hardware, Never Disable This!) Automatic Print Spooler - (Required by Printers) Automatic Protected Storage - (Required to protected sensitive data and to prevent access by unauthorized services, processes, or users.) Automatic Remote Procedure Call (RPC) - (Required by Windows, Never Disable This!) Automatic Security Accounts Manager - (Required to store security information for local user accounts) Automatic Security Center - (Notifies you of you Firewall and AntiVirus Status) Automatic Shell Hardware Detection - (Required by the AutoPlay feature) Automatic System Event Notification - (Required by various Applications) Automatic System Restore Service - (Required by the System Restore feature) Automatic Task Scheduler - (Required by the Windows Prefetcher, BootVis and Norton AV, Never Disable This!) Automatic Themes - (Required by the new look of Windows XP) Automatic Windows Audio - (Required for Sound) Automatic Windows Management Instrumentation - (Required by Windows, Never Disable This!) Alot of those can be turned off if you don't actually think you'll use them though. I have about 13 processes running when my pc boots up, that's it. If you want to optimize even further read this nice list of tweaks and whatnot you can do:
  5. Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Rep, El Salvador, Estonia, Fiji, Georgia, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Ukraine. And that's not all of them as far as I know. That totals 33 btw. And as far as your notions that Global Warming exists: There is no conclusive evidence that disproves it exists, or that it doesn't exist. Is it possible? I'll give you that much. But according to geological time lines, the earth is about due for a warming period (based on previous patterns in global cooling and warming in the past, not our immediate past mind you.) But I digress.
  6. I would tear this post apart like it's my job, but it's just easier to call you stupid and tell you that it's not just the UK that supports the US "war." (even though I personally don't.) Quite a few countries indeed. Try over 20 major independent nations. Just from reading through that, you are doing nothing but spouting off propaganda that is nothing but total BS. You obviously have no idea what's going on, and are just following what the latest message board trend is. We still ar looking for Bin Laden (shows your intelligence is way out in left field huh?) And please enlighten me, if we wanted control of the oil, or let's just say "Bush" did, then why are/is we/he pushing through legislation and government grants to fund new methods of powering our vehicles? Also, why is the government giving big income supplements to companies releasing cars that are less dependent on oil? Oh and lastly, don't stereotype my entire country. You just look shallow for doing so. Grow up and drop the ethnocentric act, it's really stale. When 95% of the free world believes it was terrorist, the ratio isn't 1:1. I'm american but what happend on 9/11 wasnt "terrorsit" but only our own goverment check this website out it should convince While I love the idea of that, it's just FUD, and nothing more. Complete and utter FUD. It's almost funny people still believe that. You've seen one too many Mel Gibson films (there's a joke in there, if need be I'll explain it...)
  7. I suggest you go install MTA again, there is a license in there, and you know you should read it. Cause from the moment you clicked on the i agree you technicaly signed a contract ... Touche. I suppose I should clarify then that within the "eula" there is no mention of limiting the use of it due to tastelessness. Hence why I said: "To a lesser extent MTA is open source software." As in: Not exactly of the same ilk, but carrying properties like.
  8. But there's nothing too finish. The war on "terror" (which this is about know since we didn't find any WMD's there) is about as pointless as trying to fight with a shadow. You can't hunt down and snuff out an idea. You can kill that idea by showing people what you can offer that's better. Which is exactly what those in power in Iraq now need to do.
  9. Backing out? They'd kill echother and themselves Indeed. Give it back to the people. We removed the problem. Now it's time to give it back to the people and let them run their own country. It's almost like we're the worlds largest babysitting service now.
  10. While I don't really approve of the maps, it's really not our place to remove them. The main reason being that there isn't any type of EULA that comes with MTA. To a lesser extent MTA is open source software. Limiting the creative control of what people can do would be no different than trying to strike down a *nix distro simply because the word "f@ggot" appears in it's code somewhere. Those numbers are inflated. They include "civilian" combatants who are not an actual part of an armed military. IE: They include any random joe who picks up a gun and shoots at US troops. They also include resistance forces who are fighting against the US. Subtract those numbers and the total number since the beginning of the war drops drastically. I remember how my World Politics Prof went on about this for over an hour. And it's not as if this is the first time this has happened, it's just a fact of life. In any given war "civilian" casualties are high. The only reason it's put under a microscope now is simply because the war now isn't really a war, it's just like another Vietnam. Instead of backing out and seeing what the country does (and offering some help) we're determined to beat back an enemy that can't be beaten simply because in reality it doesn't exist as any singular entity.
  11. Maybe he's not good with code? Maybe he's looking for help or making a suggestion someone else might pick up on and help him realize it?
  12. Or just right click on my computer and choose properties, and look at the bottom left window that comes up.
  13. NO WAY!??!?! /sarcasm I know what Nforce is, however there is also an on board graphics chips. If you'd like I'll bring up a whole slew of documentation showing they make onboard graphics. Notice how the north bridge is a Geforce not Nforce? Geforce would be their graphics chips...
  14. Erm....Nvidia does make onboard graphics chips.... click here Just a few boards with it for reference.
  15. Why not just an option to have the main menu up in the beginning like there was for VC? If people press esc during the game it will just bring up the default box it does now. This way people can change settings before they start to actually play, and if they want to change them again they'll have to quit server their on without having to restart the entire game twice.