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  1. a base serves for the cars and that that it stirs must destroy with this script I have understood a lot.thanks infinitely varez.
  2. look my job with you script https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gLut7oewmo
  3. thanks friend, is now me everything clear.
  4. does nobody have a map / resonce with an object that stirs on and down? I pray you
  5. ok thanks.if it is a problem to post here you can send me an email with the map. me if I see the script on a map I immediately understand (st3reo@live.it) tnx4support
  6. the object must get up and to lower only without any command.it is for a map race do you have a map with objects that stir so that to see the script? any map race that has an object that stirs.. please.
  7. I have already tried a lot of times so but it doesn't work HELPPPPPP
  8. you could create me the code to directly insert in.map? please I use mta he knows are 1.0.3 a problem?
  9. could someone create me the code to move this object? id object : 3115 name object: CARRIER_LIFT1_SFSE down ->4060.9077148438 -1819.9403076172 29.235511779785 up->4060.9077148438 -1819.9403076172 346.60443115234 please I have already read a lot but I don't succeed there.if someone could create me the code please this object must stir only under and above, it is for a map race.
  10. look new job https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjT_ju4aKT8 tnx 4 information benox
  11. OOOOOOOOKK!!!!!!!! GUYS I have succeeded there. to find the txds is very difficult because they don't have the same name of the object [attachment=1]image_1.png[/attachment] [attachment=0]image_2.png[/attachment] tnx 4 support all
  12. ok thanks thousand I must modify only an object id 3378 I owe metter the color of the figure 7315 on the object 3378[attachment=1]3378.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]id7315.png[/attachment] is it possible to do him/it? with the txd workshop or another program? I must create some maps for my server and with the object 3378 I must form some loops. tnx 4 support
  13. ok tnx for information benox to modify objects I have understood that want us the programs type txd workshop. my question is: are these objects that I must modify visible to all in a server? or the objects that I modify I will see them only me? if someone has a guide or a link for this type of things. tnx for support all =D>
  14. hi guys how do I do to change color to the objects? a guide or a program it exists for doing him/it? here an example of thing I am saying[attachment=1]color.png[/attachment][attachment=0]original 1.jpg[/attachment]
  15. I am Italian and I believe to be able to make a server devoted to the italia.to create all the Italian families mafiose. for now the map is to 5%, it take a lot of time to create everything and to make the scripts. thanks for the message here is an image of the future server
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