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  1. that would be great, its not allways going to be easy to make a game playable online when it does not want to be, but just asking because i remember someone saying that the next version will fix the dual core issues.
  2. Did the mta team do something to try to fix the so called sync? maybe try to help out us dual core users? because moving from 1.0 to 1.1 has increaced the lag/sync problems on my end. i run a high end computer on a high speed connection to the internet. so i know its not my computer... AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 1 GB of RAM NVIDIA GeForce 6600 gt 256 MB PCI-E found something funny, maybe a bug but CJ found his way out of his duct taped car. was playing in Crazy Bobs Police server when near the bottom of mount chiliad CJ was just running around in circles and hopping around like as if he w
  3. this guy is in the wrong forum, its obviously Vice City MP mod. P.S. you might want to stop tripping on those shrooms.
  4. Holy lag batman!...!... that must be crazy bobs server. love these cop vids, good work man and keep them comming.
  5. So what? He reported a bug, is that some kind of crime these days? its only a joke kid. i could care less whats being played.
  6. not only have you discovered a bug, but now a new reason for noobs to vote spam freeroam...
  7. No hard feelings bro, just remember you tried to pwned me first
  8. http://media.putfile.com/laggggg47
  9. ^^^^that has got to be the best attempt to look smart once again if you don’t know the reason behind the vid, keep your IQ level to yourself. This is just a short vid and there is not much to go off of, if you really don’t know the story behind it. I understand your lag theory but this little incident was not caused by lag my little friend. This little story takes place in one of KFC's servers, it was late at night for me and in my time zone around 2 am to 5 am you will see allot of Destruction derbys, bloodrings, freeroams and airport dogshit. Well as we were vote spamming from one map
  10. MatthewMc

    Cops and robbers

    Is it just me, or is there no sound?
  11. wow, that has just made me sick... too much speed dude . any how, what was that song?
  12. I know what maps you are talking about, i played them on Groovy's server. i can fix em for ya??? hit me up.
  13. If the point of the thread started and stopped with the first post, then reality the cheat that you were using should have started and stopped the instant you mentioned it in the other thread... right? But you still elected to use your cheat in other servers, I don’t know but to me that sounded like a hypocrite statement.
  14. really, the ping does not matter. you can have the best ping in the server and still lag it up. i have the perfect video... note this guy had a ping in the 20's http://media.putfile.com/lag1227
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