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  1. I've heard this idea floating around a few times, but unfortunately I don't know of any servers that offer this.
  2. This has been discussed many times before, and the community opinion seems to be that updating Lua would cause more issues than it's worth. Also, implementing any secondary languages would only turn attention away from new features, and stop MTA from 'moving forwards'.
  3. We need more information in order to help you. What exactly has happened to the resource, and what action are you trying to do? Do you get any messages or errors?
  4. Make sure that Windows Firewall is not the issue, as it normally is when ports are forwarded correctly.
  5. Of course RPG would be winning!
  6. Providing this mod doesn't actually use the inbuilt multiplayer system, then it should stay online. FiveM using GTA:O may have been a bit of a stupid idea.
  7. Have the MTA Team setup an official Discord server? I saw an unofficial one on a topic a few weeks back and joined it, but somebody speaks once every few days and it's full of weird bot scripts. Would be an idea to get one going, especially as it can link to IRC.
  8. setWeaponProperty ( id, "std", "maximum_clip_ammo", tonumber(ammo) ) Should resolve the issue, though I've never come across a "non-convertible string". What does the value for 'ammo' look like at runtime?
  9. Have a look on the MTA Community site. If it's not available there, it may be proprietary and you'll have to recreate it yourself.
  10. Look at the MTA Community website.
  11. That's why I want to continue it, to make it more on-par with MTA SA.
  12. Have you tried looking on the MTA Community website?
  13. Of course RPG is winning
  14. Good luck getting a hold of @SugarD-x
  15. The mentality of younger users wanting to be admins/staff has always been the case, in fact it's more along the lines of human nature. A verification system really removes the element of freedom that MTA has.