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  1. how to use aexec

    aexec <playerName> <command> For example: /aexec Callum say Hello world! Moderator note for knownledgebase: This (example) is a reason why you should never trust what a player appears to say in chat, as admins can use aexec to speak out of anyone's name. Unless you have access to the server.log, you cannot determine whether or not aexec was used to force a player to 'talk'. aexec can be explained to mean 'admin-execute (a-exec)', in which admin will be able to execute commands for a player. Likewise, other commands that can be triggered using aexec can also make the player perform or seem to do actions they are infact not doing themselves. For that reason it's used commonly as a tool to troll players. Maybe you have noticed not all commands can be triggered using aexec, it would appear only commands implemented through client-sided scripts allow for it to work. Hardcoded MTA 'commands' (such as "say" for mainchat, "me" for /me in chat) can generally be used, but commands such as "disconnect" or "quit" can, although hardcoded, not be triggered. Also you should pay attention to the fact any command in the aexec syntax cannot have a / (slash), just like how typing commands in F8 for yourself needs to be without slash. So it should be "aexec [exact playername] command" and not "aexec [exact playername] /command", and for "T" chat execution it should be "/aexec [exact playername] command" but still not /aexec [exact playername /command"
  2. Help Me!!

    As a basic outline, you will want to make use of timers, and (I'd imagine) givePlayerMoney.
  3. FREE Scripting Lessons!

    Some of you may remember the 'Twiva' name from MTA many years ago, it was an RPG server that evolved into SANL RPG. The name has been revived for the grander purpose of an all-encompassing gaming community. Part of such community is the Twiva Academy, which teaches technical skills to anybody, entirely for free. The first and main course we are offering is Multi Theft Auto development, which teaches you all about: Setting up an MTA Server Resources / scripts / meta.xml Writing Lua code SQL and other storage concepts Anybody who is interested will be personally taught by individuals with many years of experience in MTA, and can openly ask questions and request specific topics (e.g. linking PHP to MTA). All we ask in return is that you join the forums and Discord, and get involved with the community. Lessons will take place on Discord. If you know of anybody who wants to learn to script, be sure to let them know of this great offer! To sign up to the course, reply to this topic. Apologies if this topic is in the wrong board, I can't find an appropriate board where the topic won't get wiped off the first page within 2 hours.
  4. [OFFERING] Experienced Scripter [Paid]

    Would recommend, nice developer.
  5. console

    Type 'help' into the console to view the default commands that are available.
  6. Ports not working!

    I know you've mentioned the firewall is closed, but just ensure (if you haven't already) that Windows Firewall is either disabled, or configured to allow MTA Server to bypass it.
  7. banned from all serves

    Simply wait for the ban to expire and you will be able to play again.
  8. best idea competition

    You can use the bug tracker to submit requests for future versions. They can easily be organised and prioritised by the MTA development team.
  9. Need help with hosting a server.

    I've heard this idea floating around a few times, but unfortunately I don't know of any servers that offer this.
  10. Update Lua

    This has been discussed many times before, and the community opinion seems to be that updating Lua would cause more issues than it's worth. Also, implementing any secondary languages would only turn attention away from new features, and stop MTA from 'moving forwards'.

    We need more information in order to help you. What exactly has happened to the resource, and what action are you trying to do? Do you get any messages or errors?
  12. open ports

    Make sure that Windows Firewall is not the issue, as it normally is when ports are forwarded correctly.
  13. [POLL] Future Servers

    Of course RPG would be winning!
  14. New GTAV Multiplayer

    Providing this mod doesn't actually use the inbuilt multiplayer system, then it should stay online. FiveM using GTA:O may have been a bit of a stupid idea.
  15. Have the MTA Team setup an official Discord server? I saw an unofficial one on a topic a few weeks back and joined it, but somebody speaks once every few days and it's full of weird bot scripts. Would be an idea to get one going, especially as it can link to IRC.