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  1. I've clarified the information and requirements in the original post.
  2. This offer has expired.
  3. Merry Christmas to all and I hope you all have a great year ahead.
  4. Callum

    Freeroam how?

    Does the resource 'freeroam' exist in your resources directory? You can download a fresh copy of the default resources from GitHub.
  5. Callum

    New GUI

    You can change the skin in your client settings. Default Black (or something) comes shipped with the client too, and looks a lot nicer in my opinion.
  6. It's crashing on updating permissions. Does your user account have any restrictions? Are you in the Administrators group?
  7. Callum

    MTA shortcut

    The URI is: mtasa://ip:port For example:
  8. Callum

    Give package

    It may be worth checking the MTA Community site to see whether such resource already exists. As aforesaid, we are happy to point you in the right direction and fix any minor bugs, but we do not create scripts on demand.
  9. If you want to report players, use the forum/website of the relevant server.
  10. Does GTA San Andreas (the single-player game) work? Can you play it without any issues?
  11. You could just play the YouTube video in a hidden CEF window.
  12. Bump: Apologies for the late response - I have updated the topic with the relevant information. Use the Discord link for further information.
  13. aexec <playerName> <command> For example: /aexec Callum say Hello world! Moderator note for knownledgebase: This (example) is a reason why you should never trust what a player appears to say in chat, as admins can use aexec to speak out of anyone's name. Unless you have access to the server.log, you cannot determine whether or not aexec was used to force a player to 'talk'. aexec can be explained to mean 'admin-execute (a-exec)', in which admin will be able to execute commands for a player. Likewise, other commands that can be triggered using aexec c
  14. Callum

    Help Me!!

    As a basic outline, you will want to make use of timers, and (I'd imagine) givePlayerMoney.
  15. I have launched a new, entirely free service that offers personal tutoring to anybody who wants to learn new MTA skills, including: Setting up an MTA Server Resources / scripts / meta.xml Writing Lua code MTA concepts such as events, timers, client-side interfaces, etc. SQL and other data storage methods I've been in the MTA community for coming up to 11 years now, and have worked with many of the 'big servers' that exist today, so the information will be delivered by people (including myself) with plenty of experience. The few students I'm already tutorin
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