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  1. bah screw it :: fixes some bacon ::
  2. meh..0.2 was cool for awhile..but it just looked TOO laggy for me..atleast it showed MP GTA3 worked =)
  3. nice..last i heard this wasen't happenin in 0.3 beta
  4. yay..so what exactly do you guys mean by synced traffic?
  5. MAyHeM

    Read Me

    theres so many forum newbz here..ive delt with millions of mods from JK to HL to Q3..you ppl needa get over it and just wait till they release it..EVERY mods always the same thing.. "We'll release it when its done" let these ppl make the mod right instead of rushing it and turnin out like GGM..crashbo city
  6. omfg LEET ..he got in the back
  7. lolz ya..who knows..vice city was cool n all but i'd prefer a NEWER GTA in these times..80's music = gay
  8. actually ya..whats it gonna be like? CS stylez where u pick the team/skin? N what about the cars? in that movie blokker made there was just huge rows of gang cars..r we gonna have to go down that huge row to find a certain car?
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