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  1. It is registered on game-monitor.com, but looking at the server it fails on querying game-monitor.com. Is there a certain port that it connects to on game-monitor to get the info? or what...
  2. The server is still joinable through direct IP. It just does not show up in the server list.
  3. OK so here goes my story about my Linux server. I had been hosting a server for a while now but dropped out of the MTA scene. Coming back, my server had a lot of problems with download errors. After working hard and not really finding what the problem was, I fixed it by playing around with the HTTP downloader and different ports. Once I got everything fixed there, everyone could then join fine and have no problems. Then I was on the server with all the regulars but there was never anyone new joining the game. This was weird because there was always at least a few random joins here and th
  4. Bump: Updated to include an /mloop feature thats kinda hard to use but if you figure out how to do it it works good for making anything into a loop. Also, made it admin only. You do /guestb name to guest someone and let them able to build. They cannot use /mclear /loadmap /savemap, that is only for permanent builders, and admins. Permanent builders are set in the offedit.lua file under the if/then statement for on player join, and on resource start, if you want to add someone, put it in there. New in 1.4 /mloop pieces radius width rotaxis loops rotation - Makes a loop with currently sele
  5. Yeah I will make a new version of the saving and loading at some point. Just trying to get all the functions and everything working for now. You can use delux map converter (Link) for to convert to MTA:DM Map Format until I update it, then just save it as a new file that loads in the meta. I just updated it again to fix mstack's object limit also, I was trying to do a stack function and it kept failing and I didn't know why, it was because I was trying to do more then 25 stacks, I upped it to 50, and made it tell you if you try to do over 50 so you can find out why it isn't working. Edit:
  6. Updated, made stuff a little bit smoother, upped the object limit, and added 2 new functions with the created objects. http://www.mtabeta.com/index.php?p=reso ... ils&id=110 New in 1.2 /mclone x y z rx ry rz - Clones currently selected object with the distance you specify (if no values given, will be created in the same spot) /mstack num x y z rx ry rz - Clones currently selected object the specified ammount of times, with the specified distance away from the original
  7. OK, I have fixed the script to work on Windows Servers. It was a file reading error, checked it over quite a bit, and did some extensive testing on my Windows test server. Everything appears to be working. Theres still a problem with throwing warnings when trying to delete a marker, but other then that I have removed nearly all of the warnings and errors it throws. http://www.mtabeta.com/index.php?p=reso ... ils&id=110 Version 1.1 Yes XML might be easier but I'm still a complete newb at scripting. I'm amazed I got this script working at all. I may invest into XML loading and saving
  8. Yep and I overcomplicated the script to load and save, I found a REALLY easy way to do it thats guaranteed to work correctly. Will update this once I finish the new script.
  9. Lol... I don't have ICQ, only Xfire, MSN, and Google Talk. It appears to NOT work in Windows server at all? I'm going to change some stuff and see exactly why...works perfect in my Linux server though. Will check on this when I get back from eating in about an hour. Thanks for the heads up about this, I didn't realize it would make a difference.
  10. Do you have MSN or something? I need to come join your server and see why it's not working right.
  11. Well I haven't done any testing on a Windows server, which may possibly be the problem. I will do some more testing now, but like I said that video says /msel but you can't /msel when you haven't /msave. The movie you did /msel not /msave like I had said. This may be causing your problem.
  12. OK, can you do a video where you /mcreate 5002 then /msave then /savemap name then /loadmap name ? I'm trying to see why it doesn't work because mine is working perfectly and I just fixed those 2 warnings it gives too.
  13. OH! I see your problem. You have to use /mcreate 5002, move it to where you want, then /msave. Then use /savemap name. What are those 2 errors when you spawn the item the first time?
  14. Well I'm not sure what the problem might be. I will have to look at the script when I get home because it worked great in all my testing on my server. I get off work in 2 hours and then will be able to error check everything to avoid the errors and warning and also will check into the script and see if i can reproduce any of your problems. Can you post an example of a file you saved with /savemap name, I mean, of what's in the file? Make sure you aren't using /saveobj, JUST /msave and /savemap name. Sorry to anyone having problems with this script it seems to work fine on my server. Ed
  15. Something to try - Unzip the resource to a folder named offedit, put the offedit folder in your resources folder and delete the offedit.zip or rename it to something else. I think it can't load the files unless the lua is in the same folder as the saved files, which if it's a zip it doesn't work.
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