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  1. How is he doing that? I play on one server with this guy, i say bye go to another server and he shows up there too. then it keeps going on a few more times and i'm like wtf? what is he doing?
  2. BUMP Thanks XX3 always a good help to me I just update today and am going to try out 1.0.4 in about...hmmm.... 15 minutes THANKS!
  3. oh dude no i'm not saying it's bad at all. I'm not trying to offend anything, i'm sorry if I did man i'm sorry. What's a bug tracker?
  4. No man it hasn't. It almost never happens to me. Our SKC server has been crashing and lagging bad lately, so do you think it was just a temporary thing? A few were on the server at the time, so I don't know why. Your thoughts?
  5. I'm still using 1.0.3, I was told 1.0.4 was fail; but I don't know for sure yet. I try to connect to my fav. SKC servers and the download was like 300 kb+ or summet and that happened. I tried to reconnect immediatly and it said the same thing almost right when I got there. Happened on almost every server I went to. Any help? P.S: XX3 i'm counting on you
  6. DOOMie

    Lagging help

    Hey guys, i'm in need of help. I usually don't lag it's just it seems I only lag on really condensed and crowded maps. I would like to ask for some tips, tricks, or even programs to help lag. I USED gamebooster from IObit but it won't work anymore (fuck you invalid files ) so I can't now. My fps is usually 30+ (only up to 36 usually) but when we're in crowded maps it can drop down to 23- . So can I ask fo some help from fellow mta players. -anti lag programs *i.e- gta graphics downgraders etc, etc. -turning down certain specs on gta -or even like some things to do with processes T
  7. Hey my friend wants me to test one of his maps for our upcoming server and he sent me the files. I have the .xml and .map and now I wanna know how I can open them up to test them. Anyone know?
  8. Hold on Whenever i do register it said nothing. I was like ok. Then I did login then it said no known account for lnd doom
  9. Thank You, I will go to bed now but I will get back to you tommorow. Thanks much!
  10. it says no known account for my name
  11. And I have another problem -.-' I tried to put down a nitro pickup and i ended up with a plate of burgers see: Is that the streamers problem too? And when i try to do "stop editor" in the console it says access denied for "stop" why is it rejecting me? lol
  12. So if the pickup is white like it is in the picture it's still ok right?
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