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  1. Thanks, I'll delete the whole resources folder and then try that one.
  2. So I haven't played MTA:SA in over a year and just downloaded 1.0.5... Now the problem is that very rarely in race mode, when you go to spectator mode, the cam will follow the player for a second and then just stop, so the player you're watching just drives away. Switching to another player using < or > will follow another player for a second and then just do the same. If you respawn and die the next time, it might just work perfectly again. Also when this happens and you keep hammering < or >, it might be that on respawn, you fall off your bike or out of your car and die again r
  3. Zahl

    Resolution Help

    Any chance this will happen soon? I know lots of people who want to use 1920x1080....
  4. OK finally I found the cause In util_server.lua the warpPedIntoVehicle() function gets redefined, and this version does not support peds and seats... Simple reason, long time to find it
  5. Well as I am a fan of learning by doing, I thought I should try to add some (mostly useless) features to existing resources instead of immediately trying to create a new game mode. So one simple idea I had was to add some passengers to every vehicle in the race resource, but apparently this doesn't work. Below the line vehicle = createVehicle(spawnpoint.vehicle, x, y, z, 0, 0, spawnpoint.rotation, #nick <= 8 and nick or nick:sub(1, 8)) in race_server.lua, I added: local ped = createPed(9, x + 2, y + 2, z + 1) warpPedIntoVehicle(ped, vehicle, 1) The ped gets created, but it stays
  6. if (z < 1900) then was meant to move the barrels up that are currently on the ground, the else-part was meant to move the barrels down that are currently at z + 2000... But well, if 1.0.1 is about to be released I sure can wait a few more days :)
  7. Hi there, since I have lots of race tracks on my server that use plenty of explosive barrels, there are a lot of desyncs happening, where player A can still see a barrel while player B can't, and if player B hits the barrel on player A's client, he will still explode, which causes a lot of confusion or frustration. Maybe some of you are familiar with this occurrence. So while I don't really know how to make it work like in the old race client, where the player only exploded if he hit the barrel in his own client, my idea now was to make the barrels respawn periodically. It should at least be
  8. So I copied all the missing libs from a 32bit debian and now the server even starts up, but doesn't get really far: libehs.so.0 is in the executable's directory... The deathmatch.so also exists in the place the server reports.
  9. I just want to run the server on 5.0 64bit. I cannot use the debian package, as debian looks for a 64bit release at that url and doesn't find one of course. Then I downloaded the generic linux build, but when I try to launch that one I get an error about a missing libcurl.so.3 Where can I get that one? apt-getting libcurl doesn't help, I guess this only installs the 64bit libs. Any ideas?
  10. Racemode thing was my first idea too, but then it doesn't make sense, because you will eventually get out of the car after tapping F for like 10 times. You can't do that in racemode. So we got two people with windows servers where that happened... Any linux servers with the same symptoms here? Or any windows server without?
  11. Hmmm... Is your server running on windows? My new theory is, that this happens on windows servers only.. Its not just on my modified ctv script, its in everygamemode now that I've checked that. So it really seems like a bug. Can maybe more people confirm that or say anything about that problem? Unfortunately I baraly have time for MTA atm because of tests at univ
  12. I just started scripting with lua, and since my favourite gamemode is ctv, I thought a good thing to start with would be understanding the script and trying to modify it. And so I did. My ideas were: -- Add a scorecounter for the teams -- Add a message when the car is delivered (relized there was such a message, but the call was screwed up so it never showed up in game) -- Make the car not just disappear but explode when it gets delivered, so get out of the car and run! -- Remove the /bring command And there comes the trouble: Suddenly with this script, sometimes you can't get out of
  13. Its Debian GNU/Linux #1 SMP Thu Nov 24 16:00:28 CET 2005 i686
  14. Hi, following Error appears: Any ideas whats wrong? EDIT: Already tried chpaxing the mta_server and disabled all security flags, but no change...
  15. Dont have friends? Bad at computer gaming? Your mum still wipes your butt? You just feel like a loser? Dont worry! There is a solution: Use cheats. You will feel so good once you used them. You are the greatest, everyone will like you, you will even be able to go to school on your own and wont cry anymore if your brother hides your teddybear!
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