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  1. hi, i have some problem .. i update function of mysql where playername is... , but mysql update function for all players of server. script: SERVER-SIDE addEvent("blabla", true) addEventHandler("blabla", getRootElement(), function() local Save = "UPDATE players SET Function='1' WHERE username='" .. getPlayerName (source) .."'" mysql_query(sqllogin, Save) end) this function run when i click button of GUI.. this function update Function to 1 by playername, but don't work.. now when i click button of my gui window, this function update Function to 1 for all online players..
  2. i set in server-side this: addEvent("Text", true) addEventHandler("Text", getRootElement(), function() outputChatBox( " Text for only one player ", thePlayer ) outputChatBox( " Text for all players ") end) and now when i click button "Text for only one player" and text "Text for all players" show for all players.. whats wrong?
  3. Hey everyone my problem with text showing for all players of server.. i want set outputchat text to see for one player! this is script: SERVER addEvent("Text", true) addEventHandler("Text", getRootElement(), function() triggerClientEvent("SetText",getRootElement(),"blablabla") end) CLIENT addEvent("SetText",true) addEventHandler("SetText", getRootElement(), function(source) outputChatBox("Text for player!",source) end) "Text for player" see all players, i want this text set for player when he click button from gui panel..
  4. gate (ty. object ) is in MAP file.
  5. I download keypad resource and changed for me, i want to make moved object to see for all players.. CLIENT local Nuovada2 = createMarker( -1619.0522460938, 687.70208740234, 6.1344275474548, 'cylinder', 0.5, 71, 216, 0, source) function createKeypad() local sWidth, sHeight = guiGetScreenSize() local Width,Height = 142,276 local X = (sWidth/2) - (Width/2) local Y = (sHeight/2) - (Height/2) keypadWindow = guiCreateWindow(X,Y,Width,Height,"Kalejimo Sistema",false) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",keypadWindow,processKeypadClicks,true) guiWindowSetSizable
  6. i have this in server.lua: addEvent("ser",true) addEventHandler("ser",root, function(keypadID) local gate = getElementByID(keypadID) if gate then local x = tonumber(getElementData(gate,"newPosX")) local y = tonumber(getElementData(gate,"newPosY")) local z = tonumber(getElementData(gate,"newPosZ")) moveObject(gate,1500,x,y,z) x = tonumber(getElementData(gate,"posX")) y = tonumber(getElementData(gate,"posY")) z = tonumber(getElementData(gate,"posZ"))
  7. Hey, i have object , i make script when i go to in checkpoint. object moved, but moved object see only one player (hitplayer). One question, how make the moved object to seen the other players ( for all players )...
  8. Okey, this is full script... SERVER: Job1 = false Job2 = createMarker( -1985.6575927734, 476.59652709961, 34.021896362305, 'cylinder', 1.5, 0, 255, 0, 128) function HitOnJob2(hitElement, matchingDimension) if getElementType(hitElement) == "player" then triggerClientEvent ( hitElement, "OpenJob2Gui", getRootElement()) end end addEventHandler( "onMarkerHit",Job2 ,HitOnJob2 ) addEvent("CreateJob1CP", true) addEventHandler("CreateJob1CP", getRootElement(), function() Job1 = createMarker( -1979.3596191406, 483.17581176758, 34.100391387939, 'cylinder',0.8, 0, 255, 0, 128)
  9. Don't show gui, when i go on marker Job1
  10. ok, very thanks SOLVED!
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