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  1. what do you mean? also i tried uninstalling gta sa and mta sa but still when i try to delete it it doesn't go away i just get a pop up error. I also quit gta sa
  2. Hi i need a help in deleting this file but it wont let me delete i get this error.Here's a picture of it.
  3. Just quick question can hackers still play with 1.0.2 not 1.0.3 if so why dont they block hackers on 1.0.2 version? or block the users using 1.0.2
  4. See the results if people like 1.0.4 or not or something your on about?
  5. I thought there be new skins
  6. Vote if you like or dislike MTA 1.0.4
  7. Could some one make me a server? i would like to but i cant
  8. hmm k and hey come sa-mp got them not mta? am not being rude
  9. yeah sorry didn't add that
  10. Just some question i would like to say and be answered if possible thx. 1.Is it possible to change the stunt plane smoke to different colour? 2.Can the owner of server give to another person to host it? 3.Will there be a feature on MTA GTA SA ingame that you can watch your own gameplay like in single player? 4.Will there ever be any new skins like sa-mp? 5.Could there be bots but as people walking around like single player? And that's about it.
  11. Well its fixed ty also i got a new problem when i go on a server called default server i get this error when i try to join in game other servers are ok i tried the second time to West cost gaming and it worked so np and maybe some one could tell me this problem also there were players in default server to
  12. Fine dont have to snap with the !! just saying if it should be disabled like on a default server theres never an admin sometimes people spamming and text spamming.
  13. Wtf? this aint bull shit am just saying if MTA want to fix it that's all no need for bad language just ask so simple i dont mind.
  14. Hi i been playing MTA GTA SA for a while and am starting to get a gta_sa.exe error first i was on mta looking for a server then i got a pop up saying 'gta_sa.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the incovenience' this happen when i was on mta and looking for a server i could still move around in the game but the pop up wont go away if i debug or close mta closes i dont know how i got this its been fine so could some one help me thx
  15. Hey does anyone wanna know how to trick the spawn vehicle limit or fix it??
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