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  1. That's awesome! You should really help the MTASA Center by making stuff like this.
  2. Great job! Some more requests: Modify your files Number of downloads Number of votes Date added Keep me logged in
  3. Races & Similar: MTA San Andreas\mods\race\screenshots Map Editor: MTA San Andreas\mods\map_editor\screenshots
  4. MarksBigtrack Author: Marklund Link: Press here! Race: Average No. Players: 24 Server: N/A
  5. An idea for the respawn thingy, it would be great if it was enabled by voting. For example: vote respawn ON And then people had to vote if they should respawn after death or not.
  6. Isn't there anyway to bypass the pausing then? I think I've seen something like that, but I can't remember where. (I'm betatesting some MP mods sometimes.) Would be great if you could make it work well.
  7. Great, but to piff the thread up, I suggest you to use a template like this: Run to the hills Author: Elric Brothers Link: Click here! Race: Hard No. Players: 20 Server: [b][size=20][color=red]Name of the map[/color][/size][/b] [b]Author: [/b] Name [b]Link: [/b] Link [b]Race: [/b] Skill Level [b]No. Players: [/b] Players [b]Server: [/b] IP
  8. Yeah, sure. But let the discussion about this map be inside this thread. A tip, give the thread some style so it's easier to see the maps.
  9. Ah, too bad, I gotta start with deleting my stuff then. Aeron would know lol - he had to investigate this all when he created Break Heh. Well, I've fixed it all now, but there's still a fence missing sometimes! And it's only 210 objects now. Hmm, are the checkpoints and similar counted in the same row as the objects?
  10. You can't as far as I know. I really hope that they are going to fix this in the next release, so we don't have to quit the game just to do something fast.
  11. And the best thing is - It's not done yet! There's more coming!
  12. Just go into the map properties and change the start vehicle.
  13. MarksBigtrack v0.2 Name: MarksBigtrack02 Players: 24 Vehicle: FCR-900 Location: Los Santos Build time: Around 7 hours Difficulty: Average Objects: 210 About: This is my first map in MTA:SA and I'm proud of it. Sure, I'll make it even longer in the future, but the object limit (250 per area) makes me cry. All objects should be visible, if not, then tell me and I'll fix it. I'll continue with the progress of this map, to make it even better. Please tell me your thoughts about it and what you want to have more, like another vehicle or similar. Download:Click here!
  14. Ah, too bad, I gotta start with deleting my stuff then.
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