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  1. Tnx but I haw readed that! I need somone who can help me to make that
  2. I cant find anybody? thatwhay you posted link? I dont want them to script it for me I need help with that gui
  3. Hi! im from estonia and my english arent good so sorry about that, im serching person who can help me to make gui window i haw output the code And now I dont know what do to with it I read in wiki about gui but I cant understand all! So if somone can help me then please pm me then I give my msn ther is better to write!
  4. I meaned working window I drawed window and button I menaed fully working window if I press button then it makes some action
  5. Maybe somone help me to make one gui window ? then I can make other gui windows by my self??
  6. I haw made window and now I want to know how to make players show up in gui window like if I klick on player name and press button kill then that player will be killed
  7. Hi guys I haw read about gui editor in wiki But I cant understand one thing In game I load recorse guieditor and then I draw window and buttons whatever but I dont know how save that and wher I script button or other things (Im from Estonia so dont be mad !) Like I draw window and create button called kick or something that so how I save that and wher I write button function
  8. Ok but I translate it to english But I dont know how good Im to translate it
  9. He has in list that every wher should be action firms wher player can earn score
  10. I haw read lua things but I cant understand becose Im from Estonia I haw read lua scripting many times but no help Many things are hard but I never give up
  11. My brother died 3 monts ago he had accident in farm he was run over with tractor And I checked his computer an I found that he haw plans what he wanted to do he had project of mta rp server. Brother has some recores that he downloaded from mta So if her is scripters who want to help me then contact me I will make this server for my brother I think its nice if I finish his job And I want to run this server that day when he died But I think I cant get it finished by my self I can pay you for scripting if you want that money is not proble
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