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    MTA and SAMP

    I always thought SA-MP was more popular because more people already knew about it, if more people find out about MTA, and test it, they'd switch to MTA. But I've also had a friend who has never heard of MTA, and has SA-MP.
  2. If you need an Administrator, I'm one who abides all rules and I used to be decent with map editor.
  3. Did you use any form of steam hacks such as some sort of undead patch to obtain your San Andreas?
  4. I'm sure that there's supposed to be an MTA folder in the GTA SA directory as well, I think someone said it in one of the troubleshooting problems. Anyway, I've been having trouble receiving the Master Server list, and I do not have a MTA file in my GTA SA directory. Could this be the problem that everyone is having with retrieving the Master Server list?
  5. I'm having this very problem. I've disabled firewall, allowed MTA through, and let it run as an admin, but yet the Master server list will not come up. The first time I've downloaded this, it worked fine, but after I tried playing it again, it started doing this. I also noticed that ever since I tried re-installing this, the splash screen doesn't show up either.