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  1. You're not texting one of your teenage friends here so why don't you type in full.
  2. You should totally make the Top Gear test track man - that would rock!
  3. Sounds like its got corrupted. I think you might be screwed. When i make maps, i always save frequently to two or three different filenames and alternate between them. Something i learned to do from the old race map editor - might be a bit extra work but in situations like this at least you have a backup.
  4. It happens on all race servers i think - it doesnt actually cause any harm, you just get ***NETWORK TROUBLE*** flash on the screen for about half a second at the end of every race. It doesn't disconnect you or anything so its more of an annoyance than anything. And yeah it didnt happen with 2.3
  5. He's not talking about it crashing - he's talking about the fact it doesn't test race maps. I get the same problem - it just drops cj into grove street on foot then the editor tries - and fails - to load other maps continuously.
  6. PacMaan

    99% Cant wait ?

    Yeah you can - we have a DP2.3 and 1.0 race server at MgC and use an IRC relay to remote admin.
  7. PacMaan

    99% Cant wait ?

    So.... what happens now?
  8. PacMaan

    LR-yoyo maps

    Yeah he got them from me We have most of them running on MgC
  9. PacMaan


    A GTA4-based MTA would be amazing cos there is so much wrong with GTA4's MP No dedicated servers No customisation (maps etc) No scripts No admins (hence lots of cheats, rammers, griefers and general wankers) No anticheat system To name a few. You be guarenteed lots of players cos there aint many people happy with GTA4 MP the way it is.
  10. Anyone running scooby's awesome scripts should remember to make a regular backup of your files - last thing you want is a disaster where you lose a hell of a lot of irreplaceable game and player information for an entire server!! That would suck donkeys balls bigtime, aint that right scooby!! Hehe
  11. the MTA client does take poor-quality screenshots even if your settings are on max. It automatically compresses them to jpeg at a "medium" (i.e. "crap") quality level. Besides, wurst plays online a lot and framerate is a lot more important than how non-jagged your edges are. Wurst dont forget to mention we got the TV screens working
  12. hey is that an exclusive offer to msd or can i upload aswell ? Oooh dunno if we have that much space your maps are usually huge lol j/k course it applies to you too
  13. msd if u want we could host your maps on gtamps server like i do with my movies - gimme shout if yur interested
  14. Wurst not only makes other kinds of maps, he spends a lot of time helping other mappers improve their maps. Maybe you should try them instead of just assuming something from the thread title. 60+ DD maps sounds pretty tired to me, cant YOU do something else?
  15. I agree with allah-cool - what liggy said was way too harsh... no map is perfect and glitch free - not even his own Dinghy Falls which has horrifically unbalanced spawnpoints as well as the pure random luck of the boat spin. Youve clearly put a lot of effort and hard work in and you shouldnt give up or lose hope just cos of one persons comments. And i think theres enough DD/DM maps thats all u see on the map center front page - remember when this used to be a race mod?.... lol