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  1. Nobert

    Maybe u know ? :)

    and one more question ,maybe someone know what kind of resource i have to create ,to raplece players skins in server ?
  2. Nobert

    Maybe u know ? :)

    Thanks B-) were i can tell about my server ,? is there is a forum that i can write something like that "New GTA MTA server" and put some screenies ?
  3. I disabled my fucking fireval and i see it ! ok thanks for help to all )
  4. Still nothing.... one man told me that i should change lan cable to intenet,maybe that is problem ?
  5. Nobert

    Maybe u know ? :)

    ups maybe not models,i mean textures (i not very good in english so io not see diferent from models and textures )) ) but in zmodeler i should start it from zero,and it vill take much time to learn how to use it to create a new weapon and u know,to pay for that money,in my country that would be much,beside i would use it just for some textures what about autodesk 3d max older versions ?
  6. Nobert

    Maybe u know ? :)

    Hi to all,maybe someone knows a free 3d modeling program that allows u to modify gta sa mta weapons and all stuf ? (it is hard me to explain but u can import dff files there and change them like in zmodeler but for free) if u know anythig can u put a link in this disscusion ? thank u:) (sorry for bad english i am from lithuania )
  7. now i do not see it in lan too,no in lan,no in internet,there is smal words when u enter in mta menu,it says not loged in,maybe it should be logged in ?
  8. Stil i cant see my server only in lan
  9. thanks next time will be shorter question ;D
  10. Nobert

    nooby question xD

    ups sorry i thought he was asking what means ''map'' that would be realy nobye quostion,even u english is bad ))
  11. Nobert

    nooby question xD

    ))))) funny newer heard question like that map is a land where u play,where all u people lives and so on... ))
  12. Hi to all,i am new here,sorry for bad english,but still i have a problem )... I cant see my server in browse servers list,i created a awesome map and i cant play in it with my vro who lives in other country,plzzz help me !!! ) this is my mtaserver.conf file copy and below it is my copy after instaling mta but without changes,does anyone can compere them and say what is wrong ? and one more thing,i can quick coneccet to my server when it works but from my friends pc i cannoct conect to my server even server is empty <config> <!-- This parameter specifies the name the server wil
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