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  1. offcourse it's possible to make the xbox 360 work youl just need to make some drivers , just take the eytoy for example with certain drivers you can use it as an webcam and microphone
  2. I was doing mtavc in stead of mtavc ..sorry guys for the trouble
  3. Ok so ive being downloading maps from centre.mtavc.com but it's not there any more so where do i go to download them?
  4. Awsome idea man i hope the take note of this
  5. What's ase...this my first time using mta so i dotn know everything
  6. Ok i put shame on my self for owning this card but anyhow It's a nvidia geforce fx5200
  7. Ok so i was palying a map and went into a car change and this happend ...my car is allstreched and not sized correclty and dissapered at certain angles...but the shadow is still visible So guy's what's the problem ?
  8. Yeah lol does it matter if you win or loose or die or what ever?
  9. In an upcoming version of mta you shoudl add an option so that you can chosoe which servers youd like to be displayed eg(Uk, Us, Aus, French etc) ...it would be alot easyier to find a server which is closest oo you etc.....Also if you are going to do soemthign similar to this add a display all server's option....they could be like tick boxes or somethign which appear on startup
  10. that server is realy fun to play there's soem very cool maps on there
  11. looks awsome man looks liek you creatated a whole new island (judging by the radar) ...no seriosuly dude taht is truley amazing
  12. My ping is 40ish and peopel still are jumpy and sometimes just disapear (without them leaving) and then re appear a few seconds afta ina diff location (further through the race)
  13. meh i have a crappy 5200fx but i can still play mta untill i get a new one
  14. Simple realy just click refresh and they all pop up and the nME'S START LOADING it's not a problem i have to do it everytime
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