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  1. I had it continuesly: (sometimes after 2 minutes sometimes after 20 minutes) Laptop: Intel centrino 2,0 ghz 1024 mb ddr2 ram ati mobility radeon x700 256mb 4200 rpm 100 GB hd using usb mouse and both lan / wlan connection
  2. Works for me too, I'd like to hear what is actually changed...
  3. ctrl + alt + del The taskmanager will not show but believe me its active. press g once, after that del and finally enter. Repeat that untill gtasa.exe is shut down.
  4. They better be, but anyways. These kind of random ramblings are not contributing so dont post useless comments. Only submit info about your crash circumstances. And im sure the mta team is working on this already. Great job on the release.
  5. The lockups arent random here, they are guaranteed for me to happen within 3 minutes of gameplay and the only way to get out of the lockup is to kill the process, this is a mta problem, not gtasa. Info: Intel Centrino 2,0 Ghz 1024 mb ddr2 ram ati x700 mobile 256mb gtasa version 1.0 without any other mods besides mtasa
  6. My experience is that: If i use quickconnect i CAN connect, but when the server is full it will give a timeout message. (not a server full message) It doesnt show any other connection error other then timeout. I'm playing on LittleWhitey's server pretty much all the time so i cant really speak for all situations
  7. Ok heres the deal: Some people advice portforwarding, i certainly dont. MTASA connects to the server not the other way arround. So no portforwarding needed unless you want to host a server with all seeing eye. For the timeout thing. It seems to be somewhat random. What helps for me: Start up the editor before connecting (preinitialise the engine) Connect through quick connect menu or click on a server in the list and click connect ( DO NOT DOUBLECLICK IT ) if it doesnt connect the first time, because of a timeout. Try it up to 5 times again with 10 seconds pause between each try. If it do
  8. Doesnt work for me m8 EDIT: It does seem to have some effect though: It decreases the number of tries(timeouts) before you can join the server. I still think its some kind of initialisation that is done when you connect the first time. It might take to long. Not sure though.
  9. Yeah i think Connect initialises something. After one connect you can either doubleclick or press connect again
  10. Another thing i noticed. When i doubleclick a server the timeouts are more likely to happen then when i select the server and click connect. (Hope this helps)
  11. I saw someone with the playername Kond. This player was driving arround without loosing any hitpoints on his car. Confirmed by multiple players in multiple races.
  12. Same problem here: Router forwarding GTASA v1.0 No mods whatsoever (Clean install before mtasa install) It can ping the servers (sometimes) It can scan some servers (sometimes) Most of the times the list stay empty only unscanned unpinged servers. When i try to connect to servers a couple of times it crashes. When i connect. It will goto timeout in 3 seconds. I even got this problem sometimes when i run a server locally. Oh and by the way: Connecting directly to a LAN server doesnt give me a problem. For some reason i was able to connect to a server this morning and this afternoon,
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